OpportunityDesk Young Person of the Month for May – Igwe Twins from Nigeria


It is May! We are thrilled to introduce our Young Person of the Month for May, Igwe Twins from Nigeria. Now in its second month, the ‘Opportunity Desk Young Person of the Month’ is a monthly series that recognizes and celebrates one young person whose life is an inspiration and who has leveraged on various opportunities to become successful. The Igwe Twins – Tobias and Titus are our pick for the month. Read below what makes them different and why they inspire us.


The 26 year old Tobias and Titus, also known as the Igwe Twins are the founders of the revolutionary ‘SpeedMeals Mobile Kitchen’, one of the fastest growing food service companies in Nigeria that caters for corporate organizations, provides mobile canteens, quick meals deliveries, and prepares breakfast, cakes and light refreshments for corporate functions like trainings, seminars and conferences.

The exceptional Mobile Kitchen offers outdoor catering services for events, including weddings and runs a training institute. They work with the most efficient technology in food processing to improve the lives of our customers.”

How they started their journey to entrepreneurship

The African Entrepreneurs lost their father in 2009 and compulsorily had to face the hardship of life. They had the responsibility of providing funds for their education at the University of Lagos as well as fend for their mother and seven siblings. It got to the point where Titus had to drop out of school with Tobias deferring his admission.

They tried their hands on several menial jobs which ended up not providing enough to sustain them and their family. They eventually took up a job as Office Assistance. Their work involved buying food for their company staff during lunch break. It was during this period that the idea for a Fastfood/Eatery business was born.

Commitment to Service – As entrepreneurs who want to make a difference, community Service has become part of their company with the introduction of the Speedmeals Academy in 2010. The Academy aims to train 1,000 unemployed youths within one year on how to bake cake and make ‘small chops’ so that they can become self-reliant. The Igwe Twins say, ‘We believe in giving back to the society because of our philosophy that – business is a social contract.’

Writing on what inspires them, the Igwe Twins told Opportunity Desk, “Impossibility inspires us.” Nobody gave them a chance when they started Speedmeals Mobile Kitchen. They were taken for granted and were faced with so much negativity and doubts. But this did not stop them. Today, as part of their story, they have succeeded beyond all human expectations.

Before the end of the year, these innovative youths plan to launch a new 10,000-capacity food factory that will literary feed 10,000 workers in Lagos daily by 2014. What a huge vision with potential for great impact. There is not stopping for these two because according to them, ‘we always know clearly what we want and we allow our vision to guide us.’

Among several awards, the Igwe Twins gathered the following;

  • Global Foundation Young Entrepreneurs of the Year in 2012;
  • Grand Prize Winners of Samsung West African Hope For Future Awards 2010;
  • Kingdom Wealth Imperative initiative KWII Role Model Award 2012,
  • 2012 African Award for Entrepreneurship as Outstanding Small & Growing Business in Africa.

More recently, in December 2012, they won the N5 Million ($31,645) business grant from telecommunication giant MTN as Ambassador for Young Entrepreneurs in Africa.

On their final words for the youths, Tobias and Titus wrote;

“Believe in yourself, work hard, look at the big picture, and surround yourself with people that inspire you – everything is possible in Africa. We don’t believe anything is impossible! Ours is a world of possibilities! If we can make it, you too can!”

Find out more about the Igwe Twins by visiting their Speedmeals Mobile Kitchen Website and Facebook Page.


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