The Audience Engagement Grant for Photographers: Up to $30,000

Deadline: June 18, 2013

The Open Society Foundation (OSF) invites applications from photographers across the world for the Audience Engagement Grant. They are looking for projects that serve as interventions on pressing problems and provide concrete ways for photographers, organizations, and their target audiences to create a positive impact. Between five to eight grants ranging from $10,000 to $30,000 will be provided.

The Audience Engagement Grant supports photographers to take an existing body of work on a social justice or human rights issue and devise an innovative and effective way of using that work as a tool for social change.


The Open Society Foundation is interested in well-designed projects that:

  • inspire audiences visually and create meaningful interactions with photographic content
  • utilize photography as the basis for programming or tools that move people beyond the act of looking and directly involve them in activities or processes that lead to concrete forms of social change
  • provide deeper, more nuanced understanding of human rights and social justice issues
  • pairs photographers with organizations that are currently working on related issues and connected to the target audience


  • The Audience Engagement Grant supports photographers who are partnering with organizations on collaborative projects.

Projects should include the following:

  • An existing body of compelling photographs that documents a human rights or social justice issue.
  • Preference will be given to projects that address issues and geographical areas of concern to the Open Society Foundations.
  • Effective and innovative ideas for using photography to spark deeper engagement with a particular community on a social justice or human rights issue
  • Well-designed dissemination strategies that are uniquely tailored to meet the needs and interests of a target audience
  • A detailed plan for engaging targeted audiences in concrete ways
  • Clearly articulated theory of change that explains how the project will result in concrete solutions

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