Google Impact Challenge / Award for Indian Organizations

Google Impact Challenge / Award for Indian Organizations

Deadline: September 5, 2013

The Google Impact Challenge has launched in India in an effort to support innovators who are exploring new ways to solve the world’s most pressing problems. If you’re an Indian non-profit, tell Google how you would use technology and innovative approaches to tackle problems in India and around the world. Four selected non-profits will each receive a Rs 3 crore Global Impact Award and technical assistance from Google to help make their project a reality.

This is an opportunity for registered Indian non-profits to apply for a Rs 3 crore Global Impact Award by demonstrating how they will use technology to change the world.

Google Impact Awards

  • Winners of the Google Impact Challenge will receive a Global Impact Award, which support entrepreneurial non-profits using technology to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants are invited to submit a technology-based project that will be reviewed by a team of Googlers and VIP judges based on three criteria:

  • How you will use innovation and technology to make the world a better placeIs it creative and data-driven? They are looking for projects that use technology to address a specific social issue on a grand scale. Technology can come in many forms, from improving the lives of people through digital literacy training, improving education through data analysis, or monitoring clean water wells with hardware sensors.
  • How you will implement your project. Is the project feasible and realistic? Is it rooted in research that identifies the size of the problem and how the proposed idea will help solve it? Does the roadmap explain what challenges might stand in the way and how they will be overcome?
  • How your team will execute your plan immediately and successfullyThey are looking for signals that your team is poised for success. Do you have partners and collaborators? Does your team have a strong track record?

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