2014 IEDC Executive MBA Scholarships

Deadline: October 1, 2013

IEDC is pleased to announce the launch of its Executive MBA Scholarship Awards Competition for 2014. IEDC-Bled School of Management, as an agent of positive change in the region, has traditionally provided a small number of scholarships aimed at supporting and promoting economic development and leadership in the emerging economies. Candidates interested in an MBA course at IEDC and have clear need of partial financial assistance are invited to apply.

Scholarship Conditions

  • The IEDC EMBA scholarship is a partial scholarship that can total up to 50% of the tuition fee for the One-Year or Two-Year EMBA program respectively. The actual amount of the scholarship granted to each individual is decided based on the Scholarship Committee Meeting decision after the entire pool of applicants has been evaluated.
  • If awarded a scholarship, the applicant must be able to cover the rest of the tuition fee amount, as well as costs related to undertaking the program (accomodation, travel, visa, daily expenses).
  • The scholarship decision is delivered to each candidate in written. The candidate must acknowledge his/her agreement with the Scholarship Committee decision within 15 days after the decision has been communicated.


IEDC criteria for awarding scholarships:

  • candidates must meet the general admission criteria (completed Bologna Bachelor level, minimum 3 years of meaningful work experience, fluent English);
  • be an outstanding candidate who enhances the diversity of the class membership;
  • be a candidate in clear need of partial financial assistance;
  • be a candidate who submits a thoughtful and well-written scholarship award essay.

Application Documents Required

The application documents include:

  • a fully completed application form
  • letters of recommendations in IEDC format
  • a filled-in financial gap estimate form
  • a certified copy of a completed Bologna Bachelor level or higher translated into English by a court interpreter (only original papers are accepted; Slovenian diplomas should be verified in any administrative unit (upravna enota), no English translation is necessary)
  • a jpg portrait picture of the candidate
  • a scholarship essay

NOTE: All the documents apart from a certified copy of the diploma can be submitted over an email. Recommendation letters can be sent directly to IEDC office email by your referees, signed and converted into a pdf format. Recommendations must be done in IEDC format. A certified translated copy of a diploma has to be sent to IEDC EMBA office over post.
Application files that are incomplete or files received after the deadline will not be considered.

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