Safaricom AppStar Challenge 2013: App your Game and Win Up to $12,000

Deadline: October 25, 2013

Safaricom and Vodafone have launched the Safaricom AppStar Challenge 2013. The appStar is to be contested across several countries in Africa and Asia, aiming to provide a local platform for all developers in the region to showcase their innovative and cool apps on a larger platform.


  • Winner – KSH 1,000,000 (USD 12,000)
  • 1st RUNNER UP – KSH 500,000 (USD 6,000)
  • 2nd RUNNER UP – KSH 350,000 (USD 4,000)


  • The Challenge is open to contestants from Egypt, Kenya, India, South Africa and Tanzania, and unlike the previous contest this year’s challenge will include a fresh look and richer features.
  • Any developer who has the capability to develop a cool app in any of the listed platforms can register and submit the application.
  • appStar is designed to lower the entry barrier for all range of developers: be it an established company, student, hobbyists, homemakers or a freelancer.

Judging Criteria

  1. Quality: The application submitted should be produced to a high quality, fully functional, with minimal errors and would provide a simple and easy to use user experience.
  2. Innovation: The application submitted should be unique and innovative, in terms of functionality or purpose and should utilise current device functionality.
  3. Local Relevance: The application submitted should be designed to meet local market consumer needs and be relevant to the target demographic.
  4. International applicability: The application submitted could be used in other territories with similar consumer needs.

As in 2012, the contest will be two-phased. You will first compete with developers in your country. The top two developers from each country will then compete at an international stage (where you get to present / demo your app to a larger audience). The final winners are announced during the international contest.

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