CTA Top 20 Innovations for Smallholder Farmers

CTA Top 20 Innovations for Smallholder Farmers

Deadline: February 15, 2014

The European Technical Center for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA) is calling for proposals on innovations in use or have potential in smallholder agricultural production systems in ACP countries and which if known and widely promoted can benefit other farming communities.  The CTA seeks to identify the best 20 innovations in smallholder agriculture in ACP (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific) countries that should be publicized for wider support.

This project aims to boost the awareness of the many technological and other innovations “low-hanging fruits” that ACP research organizations, universities, extension services and farmers have developed and are being used in ACP countries.


CTA will provide €5,000 Euros in funding for each of the best 20 submissions in order to include these innovations in a guidebook. Successful applicants (CTA top 20) will be invited to a cross-learning workshop where they will also work with an editor and an artist to finalize the guidebook which explains the innovation and the design of a brochure and a poster which can be disseminated to the public at large (for use, inter alia, by extension agents).


  • The contest is open to organizations such as research institutes, extension agencies, farmers’ organizations and NGOs, and individuals working with such organizations.
  •  The innovations need to be well-articulated using the format provided, and proof that this innovation has been adopted by farmers or has the potential to benefit famers in ACP countries is necessary.

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