Submit Your Travel Project and Win a Zis Travel Grant!

Submit Your Travel Project and Win a Zis Travel Grant!

Deadline: February 15, 2014

You want to travel in a foreign country and get to know another culture and people? Apply for a zis travel grant. The Zis foundation in Salem, Germany, is offering young people a unique opportunity to obtain a grant of 600 EUR for a study trip to a foreign country.

The special conditions of a zis travel grant enable the participants to research a self-chosen topic away from the paths of mass tourism. They get a realistic impression of the daily life abroad and gain deep insights into a different society. They return with a better understanding of a formerly strange culture. At the same time, all zis participants learn about themselves and their own roots.


The zis grant is more than money. Intensive preparation and documentation before and after travelling ensures success, safety and commitment. Every participant has a personal adviser who helps organize the trip via e-mail. Most of these volunteers are former participants and have expertise in the topics or destinations they take care of. A jury evaluates the project reports so that qualified feedback is guaranteed.

  • Zis offer A grant of 600 Euro for a very unique study trip to a foreign country.
  • You will travel alone and you get the chance to research a topic of your own choice.
  • Your project is split into three parts.

Eligibility and Conditions

  • You need to be between 16 and 20 years.
  • You need to be still in school or serving an apprenticeship and must not have started university yet.
  • The choice of destination and topic is generally free. Young people who are not German citizens and who are not residents of Germany are welcome to travel to Germany and apply for a zis Travel Grant.
  • Applicants with a good plan, an appropriate level of self-awareness, and an attitude towards commitment stand a fair chance of obtaining one of the grants that will give them a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


A zis grant is aimed at young people of all nationalities. It does not require good school marks or otherwise special education. Your chances are good if you can explain your personal interest and commitment for your research topic.
An own email account and regular internet access are essential for preparing the journey as communication with zis works via email.

Only official documents, which includes your application, must be sent by mail. Your application must contain the following information:

  • The completed zis application form (s.b.)
  • A picture of yourself, signed on the back
  • A reference from a teacher
  • A detailed description of your research topic, which explains why you chose it and possibly your background knowledge on the theme
  • Realistic information on your language abilities and, only if necessary for your research, information on artisan or artistic competences
  • Data on the course and time line of the journey: arrival, departure, stopovers, means of transport (remember: flying s not allowed), information on contacts
  • A first assessment of your travel expenses (which must be within the 600 Euro)
  • Ideas for earning additional money in case the 600 Euro won’t suffice
  • Ideas for information search – before and during the journey

Deadline for the application is generally the 15th of February. Not the postmark but the date of entry count.

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