OpportunityDesk.org is listed among the 14 Useful Apps, Sites and Services in 2014

We are pleased to inform you that our platform has been listed in an article published by WiredGist.com, among the “14 Useful Apps, Sites and Services in 2014.” This is how the author puts it;

“It is very much still a new year, and you may have been wondering what tools and services to add to your  app list  or bookmarks that will open up new opportunities for you. The good news is that from medical services to job-finding services, there are some brilliant applications out there that have been designed to make certain transactions seamless.”

Opportunity Desk is Listed!

This is one platform that has only gotten better and more relevant in the past year. Opportunity Desk remains the most  reliable  one-stop for up-to-date information on latest international and local grants, awards, scholarships, internships, and basically any opportunity. The service has come a long way from the days when it was a thriving Facebook Group.

Opportunity Desk

The founder is a well-known and reputable Social Entrepreneur and opportunities’ curator, and was a nominee for the 2013 Future Africa Awards for Young Person of the Year. The service opened 2014 with a new design that makes its great content even more easily discoverable and accessible.

Get on the platform and start using the opportunities available. If your story is inspiring enough, you may get featured as a ‘Young Person of the Month’.

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