Youth Pre-Conference 2014- Melbourne Youth Force

Youth Pre-Conference 2014- Melbourne Youth Force

Deadline: May 11, 2014

Hello young person, the Melbourne Youth Force, in collaboration with the AIDS 2014 Youth Program, is organizing a Youth Pre-Conference.

The Youth Pre-Conference is a two-day conference for youth that aims to build HIV/AIDS-related knowledge and skills among 200 young delegates; offer a space where young people can network, strategies, and learn from one another; and provide an orientation to the main conference for effective participation and advocacy.


  • Numerous prizes and awards are associated with AIDS 2014.  Some of these include grants to support research and professional development.  Stay tuned for more information
  • It will include informative sessions and skills-building workshops on topics related to HIV/AIDS, ranging from scientific knowledge to effective political advocacy


  • Open to young people who will be attending the 20th International AIDS Conference.
  • You must be a young person between the ages of 15-26

Note: All information provided will be treated with confidentiality. Completed application forms will only be shared with those who are responsible for choosing participants for the Pre-Conference. Incomplete applications will not be considered for review.

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