‘My MasterPeace Moment’ Storytelling competition – Share Your Story & Win a Trip to the UN Headquarters

‘My MasterPeace Moment’ Storytelling competition – Share Your Story & Win a Trip to the UN Headquarters

Deadline: June 30, 2014

MasterPeace calls on individuals worldwide to share their stories on what inspires them to work on peace and win an exclusive trip to the United Nations headquarter. Enter the ‘My MasterPeace Moment’ Storytelling competition now!

MasterPeace appreciates the work you do, and the miracles you make happen every day to make the world a better place. You need to be heard, and your story needs to be told. What about sharing your story, and contributing to impacting even more people’s lives? Because stories inspire, and inspired people act. That is why MasterPeace is organizing an amazing storytelling competition!


  • You will be flown to New York, USA
  • You will attend the official international day of peace commemoration on 19 September at th United Nations.
  • You will get the chance to tell your story at the United Nations headquarters.

Application requirements:

  • Tell your story, what inspired you to act for peace/social change.
  • Submit your story in the form of an article of around 700 words.
  • It is optional to add pictures or a a short video to your blog.
  • Publish your story on www.masterpeace.org/blogs, and write in the first alinea that you’re contributing to the competition.
  • Go to www.masterpeace.org/mymoment and click on ‘send entry’. Choose your story from the list
  • You can apply more than once, but MasterPeace holds the right to remove any submission, in case we find it spam or abusive.
  • In your MasterPeace profile, write your email address or put a link to your personal profile (for example to your Facebook profile) so we can reach you in any case.
  • Your story should be submitted in English.
  • All entries can only be submitted through the MasterPeace platform on this link: www.masterpeace.org/mymoment.
  • Correct entry information is the responsibility of the participants. MasterPeace is not liable for incorrect listings that are the result of incorrect information on entry forms. Entry information might be shared with partners/designees of MasterPeace.

Application procedures:

  • Create an account.
  • Write your story on the blog section: www.masterpeace.org/blogs –> click on ‘start a blog’
  • Go to www.masterpeace.org/mymoment and click on ‘send entry’
  • Choose your story from the list, add a title + click on ‘save’

Note: After you submit your entry, MasterPeace will screen your entry before it is accepted. Once accepted, it will be visible on the page.

For more information, click here.