Apply for the 2014 G20 Global Business Challenge (Win Up To $US100,000)!

Apply for the 2014 G20 Global Business Challenge (Win Up To $US100,000)!

Deadline: June 14, 2014

The G20 Global Business Challenge is a unique competition of graduate students from the worlds’ leading business schools and universities to leverage their capabilities with collaborators from the research and business communities to formulate proposed solutions to major global challenges.

The challenge for the 2014 G20 GBC is to develop an innovative solution to use, recycle and/or manage water to achieve large scale beneficial impact.

Competing teams will face off over two rounds to progress to the finals to be held in Brisbane as a leadup to the G20 leaders Summit.

The competition will consist of two rounds. Teams will progress from a ‘conceptual business solution’ addressing the broadly described business challenge through to the development of a detailed implemention plan refined by narrowed context.

Round 1 will be a ‘virtual’ elimination round to select the finalists. Teams will propose a conceptual business solution addressing the 2014 global business challenge. Teams will be required to prepare

  • an Executive Summary and
  • a 15 minute ‘pitch’ of their proposed solution.
  • From these submissions the judging panel will select six (6) finalist teams for Round 2 of the competition.

Round 2 will comprise a highly intensive two-day lock in period for the finalist teams and culminate in a presentation to the judging panel. During this time the teams will be required to prepare:

  • 20 minute executive ‘pitch’;
  • 30 minute oral defence of questions from the judging panel; and,
  • Detailed (maximum 50 page) implementation plan of the proposed solution.


  • 1st Prize of $US100,000
  • 2nd prize of $US15,000
  • 3rd Prize of $US10,000
  • Opportunities for internships with global corporations
  • The opportunity to have the winning solution and techology presented to the global media attending the G20.
  • For non-Australian finalist teams, a generous travel subsidy of $US10,000 will be made available to each team.


  • Team Members
    • Currently enrolled in an eligible program of study (An eligible program is any business or technical discipline based postgraduate program of study)
    • have been enrolled in an eligible program of study as at November 2013.
  • Team Composition
    • Team membership shall comprise a minimum of two (2) student members and a maximum of four (4) student members.
    • Team membership will comprise a multidisciplinary mix of a maximum four postgraduate students from any combination of business and/or technical disciplines. However, for teams to be as competitive as possible we strongly encourage a multidisciplinary approach with teams comprising students across both areas of expertise where possible.

Judging criteria:

Applicants will be judge on the first round based on;

  • Problem identification
  • Technical novelty
  • Colloboration
  • Impact on economy
  • Quality of executive summary submission
  • Quality of presentation

Second round;

  • Impact on economy
  • Technical merits
  • Business and finacial model design
  • Sustainability
  • Dealing with constraints
  • Plan quality
  • Presentation

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