2014 New Generation Seminar for Young Leaders in Hawaii, Florida & Washington DC

2014 New Generation Seminar for Young Leaders in Hawaii, Florida & Washington DC

Deadline: June 30, 2014

The East West Center is now accepting applications for the 2014 New Generation Seminar. The New Generation Seminar provides rising leaders with an intensive learning experience through a unique combination of study, dialogue, leadership development and travel. The Seminar will take place from September 21-October 5, 2014 in Honolulu, Hawaii; Miami, Florida; Washington, DC.

The 2014 New Generation Seminar will also provide regional leaders and policymakers with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of these complex challenges; to see and share policy and planning strategies with experts and colleagues; and to enhance their ability to lead on this critical issue.


For the 2014 program, the East West Center will be offering 10 fully funded positions, or up to 15 full and partially-funded positions in the program. This important leadership program is funded by the East-West Center and private donations, including by alumni who give back to the program.

Full funding would include program costs, round trip airfare from home country and throughout the program, lodging, program related meals, and ground transportation. All participants will be responsible for their own visa fees and visa related expenses, health/travel insurance, and incidental expenses during the two-weeks of travel.

Applicants are encouraged to offer cost sharing

Offering cost sharing is not required, but is taken into consideration by the Selection Committee as one of many factors during the selection process.


  • Applications are welcome from young leaders aged 25-40, from Asia Pacific and the United States who are in a position to influence policy, shape public opinion and lead action.
  • Applicants must demonstrate leadership in current and past positions, and the potential for future leadership.
  • The program has targeted elected officials because of their direct role in policymaking, but also includes those who influence policy and public opinion through leadership in political parties, civil society organizations, business, law and the media.

Selection Criteria

The strongest candidates for the program will be:

  • Elected officials and other political, business and community leaders or communicators with broad-based policy knowledge and influence;
  • Working professionals in their mid-20s to late 30s;
  • Individuals with limited opportunity for international travel;
  • Fluent in English.
  • Candidates need not be specialists in the program theme; the program is geared toward policy makers and other leaders who may be taking leadership on this issue as part of their work, or for whom this issue is important for their country or community.

* Please note that funding applies only to Asia Pacific countries on this list. We welcome other applicants, but they would need to provide their own funding to participate.

For more information, visit 2014 New Generation Seminar.