Zukunftsphilologie Fellowship Programme 2014/15 for Africa, Asia and Europe

Zukunftsphilologie Fellowship Programme 2014/15 for Africa, Asia and Europe

Deadline: June 25, 2014

Applications are accepted from for the Zukunftsphilologie Fellowship Programme. The Berlin-based Forum Transregionale Studien and the Dahlem Humanities Center of Freie Universität Berlin are offering 3 research fellowships in the framework of the research program: Zukunftsphilologie: Revisiting the Canons of Textual Scholarship for the academic year 2014-15 in Berlin.

Fellowships are for a 10-month period starting on 1 October 2014 and ending on 31 July 2015, although shorter stays (5-month minimum) may be considered.

Fellowship Benefits

  • Fellows will receive a monthly stipend of € 2.500 plus a family supplement (€ 250).
  • Assistance regarding visa, insurances, housing, etc. will be provided.
  • Successful applicants will be fellows of the Dahlem Humanities Center at Freie Universität Berlin and the program Zukunftsphilologie at the Forum Transregionale Studien, and associate members of the Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School for Literary Studies. Through this association they will be integrated into the Department of Philosophy and Humanities at the Freie Universität Berlin and will have access to an academic milieu of literary and philological studies as well as to libraries and other research facilities.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The fellowships are intended primarily for scholars of major and minor linguistic and philological traditions from Africa, Asia and Europe, whose research explores textual practices and disciplinary entanglements in intellectual and literary history, comparative linguistics, philology, the study of religion and the history of science.
  • Applicants should have obtained their doctorate within the last seven years and have an excellent record of teaching and research.
  • Fellows are given the opportunity to pursue research projects of their own choice, provided the topic falls within the research agenda of the program.
  • Fellows are expected to participate in the seminars, workshops and conferences organized within the framework of the program.


For questions regarding eligibility, please contact program director, Dr. Islam Dayeh (Freie Universität Berlin/Forum Transregionale Studien), [email protected]. Applications should be submitted in English and received by 25 June 2014, addressed to: [email protected]

For more information, visit Zukunftsphilologie Fellowship Programme.