Aljazeera AJ+ Fellowship Program – for Young People Worldwide

Aljazeera AJ+ Fellowship Program – for Young People Worldwide

Deadline: August 1, 2014

Aljazeera is looking for six stellar young people from around the globe for the AJ+ Fellowship Program. The A+ Fellowship is a one-year gig, it’s paid, and it’s an opportunity unlike anything else, to be part of the next generation of storytellers.

Throughout the year, you’ll work with and learn from the core AJ+ team. You’ll spend 2-3 weeks with them in San Francisco, then head back home and work remotely from there. This is full-time and full-on. It’s also an incredible opportunity to sharpen skills, work with a brilliant team, and be in a position that permits you to empower and give voice to others.

They are looking for one person from each of the following regions: North America, Central and South America, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Asia.


Fellows will do the following:

  • Track trends online and on the ground across their region
  • Moderate digital discussions to keep things in line when opinions turn to shouts
  • Pitch fresh angles and stories from their region to our teams in SF
  • Encourage folks in their region to engage with AJ+
  • Work and bond with other Fellows to help roll out AJ+ around the globe in style

Eligibility and Criteria

You are a #Fellow material if:

  • You’re passionate about empowerment and a wizard on social media.
  • You’re on top of all the big news stories, but you’re just as sharply tuned in to the micro-conversations happening across your region that aren’t making headlines.
  • You can identify and effectively interact with a range of influencers across your region.
  • You can write a punchy tweet, and you can engage people in and help drive a substantive conversation online. Plus, you can crack a joke now and then.

You don’t need a PhD or decades of experience. You don’t even need a gazillion Twitter followers. But you do have to be downright obsessed with the news and trends in your region and – just as importantly – with the pursuit of unearthing untold stories. You’ll also ideally have some experience under your belt that shows us you can do the job, whether that’s activism, reporting, blogging or something else altogether.

How to Apply

  • Fill out this form
  • STEP 2: Shoot one Tweet at @AJPlus telling them why you’re #Fellow material
  • STEP 3: Send your CV to [email protected] (please indicate the region for which you’re applying in the subject line)

For more information, visit AJ+ Fellowship Program.