Apply to Join the Y+, the Global Network of Young People Living with HIV, Steering Committee

Apply to Join the Y+, the Global Network of Young People Living with HIV, Steering Committee

Deadline: November 13, 2014

Are you a young person living with HIV who is passionate about making a difference in your community, country, region and globally? Apply now to be part of the steering committee of the inaugural global network of young people living with HIV!

As Y+ is transitioning from an Advisory Group of the Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+) to a global network of young people living with HIV, a Steering Committee (SC) will be created to govern the network. The current Y+ Advisory Group is supporting this transition process, including an open and transparent process to select the SC. The former Y+ Advisory Group will eventually transition into an informal mentorship body and will not have any decision-making power.

Y+ seeks young people living with HIV who are passionate about making a difference in their community, country, region and globally to apply to be part of the inaugural Y+ SC.

Steering Committee role and responsibilities

The role of the Y+ Steering Committee (SC) is to guide the development of the Y+ network, determine programmatic priorities, make decisions through a transparent process and ensure different communities of YPLHIV from all regions are represented in Y+ decision-making. The SC is composed of young people (under the age of 30) living with HIV. The Steering Committee’s mandate includes, but is not limited to:

  • Make decisions on behalf of the Y+ network;
  • Provide strategic guidance and oversight to the Y+ network;
  • Elect an Advisory Board Member to GNP+ on behalf of YPLHIV;
  • Ensure meaningful engagement of YPLHIV in strategic areas of the HIV response, such as knowledge management, advocacy, leadership and the sexual and reproductive health and rights of adolescents and young people living with HIV.

Membership terms will be for one year with a possibility of a second year based on a peer-led performance review.


Y+ seeks individual and organization representatives from the following regions – two people will be selected per region:

  • African Region
  • Latin America Region
  • Asia Pacific Region
  • Caribbean Region
  • European Region
  • North America Region

Organization representatives should be from national or regional networks of young people living with HIV.

Qualifications of applicants:

  1. Documented leadership abilities and commitment to advance the health and rights of YPLHIV;
  2. Experience working with adolescents and/or young people at the country or regional level on health issues;
  3. Solid communication skills, including ease using e-communication platforms, Skype, etc.
  4. Expertise in the four Y+ advocacy priority areas (see the 4 priority areas in the TOR);
  5. English proficiency required, additional language fluencies a plus.
  6. Skills in medicine, research, advocacy and policy, service delivery, and/or communications desired.

How to Apply

Please send a letter of interest, CV and two references to [email protected].

The letter of interest should provide details about your background and experience in the HIV response, motivation for participating on the SC and what added value your participation can bring to the Y+ network. Please also include whether you are applying as an individual or as a representative of an organization (such as a regional network of YPLHIV).

Young women living with HIV, young key populations (men who have sex with men, people who use drug and those engaged in selling sex) living with HIV as well as adolescents living with HIV (11 – 19 years old) are strongly encouraged to apply.

For more information, visit Global Network of People Living with HIV.