2015 International Youth Journalism Award

2015 International Youth Journalism Award

Deadline: February 6, 2015

Youth Journalism International is now accepting applications for the 2015 Youth Journalism Contest, to spotlight some of the exceptional journalism done by students across the globe. The aim is that by calling attention to the best work in English by student reporters, cartoonists and photographers, a free youth press can be promoted. It is yet another way to showcase the voices of the next generation. This year’s student journalism contest will recognize outstanding work published between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014.


  • Any journalist age 19 or under in any country who was not working professionally at the time the entry was published is eligible.
  • Although entries must have been published online or in print, it is not required that they appeared in a school publication.
  • Underground papers, blogs, online papers and other venues for journalism are all acceptable.
  • In each category, nominations may come from teachers, students or other third parties.
  • Previous first place winners are not eligible to enter the category again, but previous finalists may enter.
  • Self-nominations are acceptable, though letters of support are especially encouraged in the Student Journalist of the Year, Courage in Journalism and Journalism Educator of the Year categories.


Highest Honors:

  1. STUDENT JOURNALIST OF THE YEAR: To honor the student journalist who shows exceptional work in one or more areas of journalism – news, feature and opinion writing, photography and art.
  2. JOURNALISM EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR: To honor a teacher who inspires students and brings out the very best in them.
  3. COURAGE IN JOURNALISM AWARD: To honor an individual youth journalist, journalism educator or a student newspaper that showed particular courage in pursuing a story despite danger, official roadblocks or other unusual obstacles.
  4. JACINTA MARIE BUNNELL AWARD FOR COMMENTARY: To honor an individual who gave voice to an important issue in a single opinion piece or a series of opinion pieces devoted to the same topic.
  5. FRANK KEEGAN “TAKE NO PRISONERS” AWARD FOR NEWS: To honor an individual who shows tenacity in tackling one or more serious news stories.

High Honors

  • News– Individual reporting
  • News– Team reporting (multiple byline)
  • Enterprise – (individual or multiple byline)
  • Profile— Individual
  • Features – Individual
  • Features— Team (multiple byline)
  • Editorial (unsigned; award goes to publication)

Multimedia (audio or video news – provide links or MP3s)

  • Multimedia news
  • Multimedia features
  • Multimedia sports
  • Opinion(bylined by one or more writers)
  • Column writing (individual)
  • First person essay (individual byline)
  • Cartoons

Reviews (Individual or double byline. Entry should note the sub-category)

  • Music
  • Theater/ Film
  • General Reviews (Video games, restaurants, anything reviewed that isn’t music, theater or film)


  • Sports Feature (individual or multiple byline)
  • Sports News (individual or multiple byline)
  • Sports Opinion


  • News Photo
  • Sports Photo
  • Feature Photo
  • Photo Illustration

How to Enter

Entries are accepted electronically (strongly preferred) or via postal delivery

Electronic method

  • Fill out online form & Pay fees online or send a check made out to: Youth Journalism International, 33 Griswold Dr., West Hartford, CT 06119, U.S.A.
  • send an email with your entry attached in a Word document or PDF of the article or page from the publication or, best of all, a hyperlink to the published work to [email protected] If you do send a hyperlink, please make sure it takes our judges to a public page.
  • In the subject line of the email, put the word “ENTRY” followed by the category, followed by the name of the entry. Example: ENTRY, news individual, Students Protest Fee Hikes
  • In the body of the email, please note the category, the name of the entry and the name of the student or students who did the work. In the case of an entry in the Journalism Educator of the Year category, be sure to put the teacher’s name. Please note in the email how the fee was paid and attach a copy of the receipt if it was paid electronically. If it was paid by check, please write that.
  • Send one email for each entry.
  • Schools or individuals making multiple entries may make a single payment and attach a single receipt to one entry, but please make note of how the fee was paid in each of the other entries to avoid confusion or disqualification

Postal Delivery

  • Fill out online form
  • get two paper copies of the article, photo or cartoon, fill in an entry blank for each submission and attach it to the paper copies with a paper clip or staple.
  • On a separate piece of paper attached to the entry, list the category, the name of the entry and the name of the student(s) who did the work. In the case of an entry in the Journalism Educator of the Year category, write the teacher’s name.
  • Include a check made out to Youth Journalism International for the fees or attach a copy of the receipt if fees were paid electronically to avoid confusion or disqualification.

For more information, visit Youth Journalism International or e-mail [email protected]