IoT World Forum Young Women’s Innovation Challenge

IoT World Forum Young Women’s Innovation Challenge

Deadline: May 19, 2015

The IoT (Internet of Things) World Forum Young Women’s Innovation Grand Challenge is a global innovation challenge. The aim of the challenge is to recognize, promote, and reward young innovators as they come up with new uses for Internet of Things technologies.

The Challenge: Your goal is to come up with new ideas on how technologies from the Internet of Things can improve education, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, retail, transportation, smart cities or find new solutions that can cut through many industries

  •  What challenge are you trying to solve? Please include a description of what you see as a problem, what are some of the ramifications of this problem (financial? social? environmental? others?) and how this problem is unique.
  • What solution are you proposing? Please include a description of how you envision IoT technologies solving this problem and how unique is your solution.
  • How feasible is your solution and why? How likely is it that your solution can be implemented? Please consider in your answer the social, financial and/or environmental impact.


This competition is open to young women (individuals or teams) who are between the ages of 13-18


  • The team or individual with the best entry will win $20,000
  • There are 4 second-place prizes for teams or individuals of $10,000
  • There are 5 third-place prizes for teams or individuals of $5,000

How to Enter

First, you need to register. Enter key contact details such as name(s), email, phone, and team name (so we can reach you to let you know you’ve won.) Once you’ve registered, you have until May 18th, 2015 to enter your challenge response, including, problem to be solved, your solution and how that solution utilizes Internet of Things technology.

1. In the first round (due May 18th), think about a challenge of today in one of the following industries: education, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, mining, transportation, government, sports, oil and gas, entertainment.

2. Write up short description of what you see as a problem and what are some of the possible ramifications of this problem. For example:

  • What financial impacts are results of this problem?
  • What are some of the social impacts?
  •  What are the environmental impacts?
  • What other impacts affect this problem? Include in your definition anything that you think makes this problem unique – unique to the time we live in, unique to our interconnected future, or something else?

3. Once you’ve described the problem, you’ll need to think of how Internet of Things technologies could solve this problem. Consider what can happen when we connect the unconnected. For this solution you’ll want to consider how the problem could be solved technically:

  • What objects will need to be connected?
  • How is the information coming from this connection useful?
  • What actions should be taken by the network or other devices from the information gleaned?
  • What analysis might need to happen to make the collected information actionable?

For your solution, you will also want to consider how feasible this solution is.

  •  Does it make sense when you consider the benefit as compared with the costs to implement it?
  •  Is it unique as compared with solutions currently out there?

For more information, visit CISCO IoT Challenge, or contact Cisco: [email protected]