2015 El-Hibri Foundation Peace Education Prize – $30,000 Award Prize

2015 El-Hibri Foundation Peace Education Prize – $30,000 Award Prize

Deadline: May 17, 2015

The El-Hibri Foundation awards an annual Peace Education Prize to an outstanding scholar, practitioner or policymaker.  Established in 2007 by Fuad and Nancy El-Hibri, the Prize recognizes individuals and organizations for their noteworthy or influential contributions to the field of peace education


A $30,000 award and is presented at an annual event in Washington, D.C.

Eligible Nominees

Eligible nominees or applicants may come from diverse backgrounds from around the world:

  • Scholars/Researchers in diverse fields who have produced influential research demonstrating the effectiveness of peace education or its building blocks (such as social emotional learning);
  • Teachers or administrators who have advanced peace education in school or university settings;
  • Social change activists who have promoted peace education in communities or used innovative methods, such as social media, to spread it widely;
  • Policymakers who have championed peace education successfully.

Selection Criteria

The Prize is designed for individuals who have:

  • Demonstrated the effectiveness or impact of peace education initiatives or programs as a tool of peace building;
  • Raised public awareness about the positive impact of peace education programs and activities;
  • Encouraged the widespread adoption or integration of peace education values and curricula, activities or programs in schools or community settings.
  • Laureates are also selected on the basis of the following criteria:
    (i) Productivity: Having produced significant and tangible outputs, such as books, articles, seminars, campaigns or established important organizations;
    (ii) Innovation: Having developed creative or novel techniques and approaches or cross-disciplinary collaborations that demonstrate the impact and effectiveness of peace education through methods of evaluation; or
    (iii) Influence: Having their approaches, techniques or products widely used by others to promote better understanding about, or improved delivery of, peace education.

Nomination Process

  • All nominations must be submitted online. Click here for the online application form.
  • Nominations could be submitted either by an individual applying for the Prize or nominating another person.

For more information, visit El-Hibri Foundation or [email protected]