2015 CNN Multichoice African Journalism Awards & CNN Journalism Fellowship

2015 CNN Multichoice African Journalism Awards & CNN Journalism Fellowship

Deadline: May 11,2015

The CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Competition is the most prestigious and respected Award for journalists across the African Continent. Established in August 1995, its objective is to reinforce the importance of the role of journalists in Africa’s development and to reward, recognize and encourage journalistic talent across all media disciplines.


The Competition is open to African professional journalists, whether directly employed or freelancers, working in the continent of Africa who have produced a story which has been made available as a printed publication or broadcast through an electronic medium (television; radio or digital platform) whose primary audience are based in Africa.


The journalists selected by our panel of judges will enjoy an all-expenses paid finalists’ programme of networking activities and workshops, culminating in the Gala Awards Ceremony. Each finalist will receive a cash prize, with each category winner also receiving a laptop computer and printer.

The CNN MultiChoice African Journalist 2015 Award winner will be selected from the category winners and will receive an additional cash prize and will have the opportunity to participate in the CNN Journalism Fellowship at CNN Headquarters in Atlanta.

Selection Criteria for Entries

Judges are looking for entries which:

  • Tell the story in a balanced, comprehensive and objective manner.
  • Demonstrate journalistic integrity and resourcefulness.
  • Communicate the story in a way that makes the topic accessible and relevant to their audience.
  • Display well organised research and insight.
  • Was broadcast or published, in English, French or Portuguese, between January and December 2014 with proof supplied.

Entry Categories

With the exception of the Mohamed Amin Photographic Award, ALL categories are open to all media.

  • Culture Award
  • Dow Technology & Innovation Reporting Award
  • Economics & Business Award
  • Environment Award
  • Features Award
  • GE Energy & Infrastructure Award
  • Mohamed Amin Photographic Award
  • MSD Health and Medical Award
  • Coca Cola News Impact Award
  • Sport Reporting Award
  • Press Freedom Award

See complete description and details of each category  at CNN Award categories.

How to Enter

  • English, French and Portuguese entries are to be submitted using the online entry form on this site.
  • You can only enter a maximum of 2 stories across all categories. Please carefully review your work of 2014 and enter your best story/stories in the most suitable category. You may enter a maximum of 2 stories, either both into a single category or 1 each into different categories.
  • Fill in all the details requested on the entry form and upload all requested information.
  • Ensure you upload a copy of your up-to-date Curriculum Vitae and any background information on your entry/entries, that you feel relevant.
  • All story materials must be submitted in electronic format:
  • Print – Please include the PDF scan(s) of the published article. The text of the article must be legible. Maximum file size: 5 MB – Allowed format: PDF only.
    • Radio – Upload the SoundCloud link (SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform that enables its users to upload and share their originally-created sounds).
    • Digital – Working weblink (URL) (screenshots of websites are not accepted)
    • Photo – Upload the photo(s) as well as a scan(s) of where the photo(s) was (were) published. Maximum file size: 10 MB – Allowed extensions: png gif jpg jpeg.
    • TV Material – Upload the YouTube link (YouTube is a video sharing platform).

TV pieces are to be initially uploaded to YouTube and radio pieces uploaded to SoundCloud. If you are not a member of these sites, you will need to register with these in order to upload the video or radio pieces. Once you have the link to these, you will need to provide the link in the online entry form when you input your story details.

Tip: See complete  rules/guidelines for this award.

For more information, visit CNN Journalism Awards.