School Enterprise Challenge for Students 2015 – $50,000 in Cash Prizes

School Enterprise Challenge for Students 2015 – $50,000 in Cash Prizes

Deadline: May 20, 2015

Registration is now open for the 2015 School Enterprise Challenge, a student-led, business start-up competition for schools around the world. The School Enterprise Challenge helps students develop skills they need to succeed in work and in life. The competition is designed to help young people to become socially responsible entrepreneurs, who seek not just to make a profit, but also think about their planet and the people around them.

This free competition guides and supports teachers and students to set up real school businesses. Students develop essential skills in business and entrepreneurship in a practical, fun and innovative way. The competition helps schools generate extra income for their school, or a social cause of their choice.

Plan and start a real school business that generates income for your school and teaches students practical workplace skills. You could also win cash prizes worth over $50,000.


The School Enterprise Challenge offers many great prizes for schools, teachers and students, not to mention the prestige of becoming a global, regional or country level winner.

This year, they have over $50,000 in cash prizes, laptops, cameras, tickets and flights to their International Conference. You could win prizes at:

  • Stage One – Business Idea
    • 5 best business ideas will win $250 each
  • Stage Two – Business Plan
    • Top Global Winner – $2,000 each
    • 5 Regional Prizes – $1,000 each
    • 10 Country Prizes – $300 each
    • 2 Special Category Prizes – $1,000 each
  • Stage Three – Business Implementation
    • Top Global Winner – $5,000 plus 1 funded Conference place
    • People Award – $2,000 plus 1 funded Conference place
    • Profit Award – $2,000 plus 1 funded Conference place
    • Planet Awards – $2,000 plus 1 funded Conference place
    • 5 Regional Prizes – $2,000
    • 6 Country Prizes – $500
    • 2 Special Category Prizes – $2,000 each
    • Buddy Schools of the Year – $1,000
    • SEC Head Teacher Award – 1 funded Conference place
    • Inspirational Teacher Awards – 1st prize – $2,000 and 2nd/3rd prize – $1,000 each
    • Enterprising Student Award – 1st prize – Laptop and 2nd/3rd prize – 1 Camera each


  • The competition is open to schools and students worldwide

How to Participate

Taking part is simple. Just follow the easy Seven Steps to Victory:

  • Step 1: Register Online from April and download their full suite of education materials.
  • Step 2: Create your Business Idea: You will have four weeks from registration to submit your business idea to them.
  • Step 3: Connect with Other Schools – fill out your profile and find your perfect partner school.
  • Step 4: Apply for a School Business Mentor- get personalized 1-1 feedback and encouragement from your very own business mentor.
  • Step 5: Write your Business Plan – You will have six weeks to write and submit your business plan.
  • Step 6: Launch your Business and start generating income!
  • Step 7: Submit your Final Report and tell them what you have achieved! The deadline for submitting final reports is November 2015!
For more information, visit School Enterprise Challenge.