2015 Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award (SEA) – Vienna, Austria

2015 Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award (SEA) – Vienna, Austria

Deadline: August 31, 2015

Do you have a business, project or idea that recognizes a social problem? Then apply for the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award. The SEA – Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award is a European initiative, looking for businesses/projects/ideas, whose innovative, lucrative business models have found the solution to a corporate problem.

Independent from size, industry or country everybody is invited to submit his project, idea and business model focused on Sustainable Entrepreneurship. The best projects and ideas will be honored within a festive Gala in Vienna, in November 2015.  The most outstanding Project will be rewarded with a price endowed with 10.000 Euro. “

The SEA has a total of eight separate categories:

  • Integration & Social
  • Climate, Environment & Energy
  • Knowledge & Education
  • Mobility & Technological Innovations
  • Development & Services
  • Lifestyle & Culture
  • Urban & Regional Development and
  • Health & Medicine.

The Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award will be presented as part of a glamourous Gala in November 2015, in Vienna.


  • Winner will be honored with one of the much sought awards.
  • In addition to the honoraria and prize are the following possibilities:
    • Find an investor through SEA.
    • Get a specific funding through SEA.
    • From now on you can submit to SEA 365 days a year. Deadline to participate and submit for the SEA 2015 is the 31st august 2015. After this date you will submit your project/idea for the SEA 2016.

NOTE: There is no guarantee to get Funding and Investment through your submission. Through your submission you will enter the SEA’s database, which is the base to link you with potential investors, or to help you find suitable funding and consulting.


  • Independent from size, industry or country everybody is invited to submit his idea, project or business model linked to sustainable entrepreneurship.

Application Process

  • Complete the online form to register.
  • Your data will be transferred to the SEA’s database and function as basis for evaluation from the top-class jury, or your search for investors.

If you have any questions, contact Matthew Adetunji, a SEA Endorser for more enquiries via [email protected] or [email protected].

For more information, visit SEA.