2015 Original iPhone Film Festival

2015 Original iPhone Film Festival

Deadline: September 1, 2015

The 2015 Original iPhone Film Festival is now open for entries!Films shot with an Apple iOS device, including iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, are eligible for a prize.

Entry Category

  1. Fiction:Pretty simple – make something up!  Tell a story that will make people laugh or cry or contemplate their place in the universe. Have fun + be creative!
  2. Non-fiction: Do you have a story to tell about a unique person, event or situation? Go out and capture it! Truth is often more compelling than fiction…
  3. Music Videos: Miss the old MTV days? Show your vision of a tune from your band, your friend’s band, your singer/songwriter neighbor… just make sure it’s a song that you have permission to use.
  4. Student Directors: This is for up-and-coming filmmakers… with iPhones! If you’re 17 or younger, you can submit your film in this category, regardless of genre.
  5. Long Form: If your film runs longer than 10 minutes, no matter the category, it would fit in this category.
  6. Features: Films running longer than 60 minutes will be considered as  “features”– congratulations you made a feature with your iPhone!


  • There are no entry fees – submission is FREE & you may enter as many films as you like.
  • All films must be shot on an Apple iOS device: iPhone™, iPod Touch™ or iPad™. Each film will be verified and films not shot on an Apple IOS device will be disqualified from competition and ineligible to appear on our site.
  • Your entry must begin with The Original iPhone Film Festival leader card for 3 seconds before your film starts – you can grab it here.
  • You may edit your film using any editing platform or app you wish and all post-production effects are allowed.
  • All entries for the short film categories of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Music Video + Student Director (Under 18) must not run longer than 10 minutes.  All films running longer than 10 minutes will be entered into the Long Form category.


Apple iPad Air, Manfrotto Mini LED lights, iStabilizer products, iOgrapher Media Cases, Rode Smart Lav+ mics and other great gear!

How to Enter

Complete and submit the entry form. Please read the terms & conditions before submitting your entry.

For more information, please visit OIFF 2015 or send you questions/inquiries to [email protected] .