World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Awards 2016 – $20,000 and more

World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Awards 2016 – $20,000 and more

Deadline: January 15, 2016

The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), an initiative of QATAR FOUNDATION, invites applications for the 2016 WISE Awards. Each year, the WISE Awards recognize and promote innovative projects that are addressing global educational challenges, and are having a strong positive impact on individuals and in communities globally.

The 2016 WISE Awards will identify, celebrate, and promote six innovative projects for their positive contribution to education and society. The Awards highlight initiatives found to be most creative and effective in finding solutions to education challenges at any level and in all environments. In bringing forward these models, WISE is helping build a network of recognized change-makers to inspire change in education.

Prizes and benefits

Six Award winning projects will be chosen.

  • Each WISE Awards winning project will receive $20,000 (US), and will benefit from increased public interest through media exposure and other means.
  • Winners are honored at the annual WISE Summit.


  • You can apply for a WISE Awards on behalf of your own project, or to nominate another project for the WISE Awards.
  • Ongoing/existing education projects run by any type of organization1 in any education sector and from any part of the world can apply or be nominated for the WISE Awards.
  • Applications can only be for original works and original projects and must be submitted by a project representative working within the project.
  • Nominations can be submitted by persons outside the organization running the project.
  • Anyone who has submitted a previous application to the WISE Awards can submit a new application for the same – or for a different– project.
  • Previous recipients of the WISE Awards are not eligible to apply for the 2016 WISE Awards. Moreover, others involved in the projects and/or activities that have received previous WISE Awards are not eligible to apply on behalf of the same project or activity.

Nominators may or may not request information from the project in order to best complete the nomination form. However, QATAR FOUNDATION will only contact nominated projects if they are selected as Finalists following the Pre-Jury evaluation.

Selection Criteria

The WISE Awards recognize successful, innovative educational projects that have already demonstrated a transformative impact on individuals, communities, and society. These projects are models of excellence and practice that serve as an inspiration for others to improve education through innovation and creative action.

The ideal project would be an ongoing, innovative and successful education initiative that:

  • Has an excellent record of proven success
  • Is financially sustainable
  • Has a clear plan for the project’s future objectives and development
  • Is scalable and replicable in other contexts and regions of the world
  • Has a clear understanding and knowledge of:
    • its innovative nature;
    • its distinctiveness within its sphere of action, and;
    • the type and depth of its impact on its beneficiaries.

Tips for Applying

  1. Complete the application/nomination form in English as clearly as possible
  2. Be precise in your responses; provide evidence and concrete examples
  3. Numbers and data should be up-to-date and supported by verifiable evidence
  4. In case of an application form, include contact details of two valid supporters
  5. Provide real-life examples of beneficiaries when applicable

For more information and to apply, visit WISE Awards 2016.