Go Abroad: Apply for CrossCulture Internship Programme 2016 in #Germany (Fully-funded)

Go Abroad: Apply for CrossCulture Internship Programme 2016 in #Germany (Fully-funded)

Deadline: December 6, 2015

The Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (IFA) is now accepting applications for the 2016 CrossCulture Internships Programme (CCP). The Internships offers young professionals and committed volunteers the opportunity to expand their competence as well as to gather international experience through a cross cultural context. Internships last at least 8 weeks and last up to maximum of three months.

Besides the objectives of vocational and specialist qualification, the participants also gain an overview of the cultural, social and political structures in the host country. They establish new personal and professional contacts for future co-operation. Thus, the programme offers a forum for open dialogue and mutual learning for all those involved. The intercultural exchange fosters on-going dialogue of people and institutions and boosts the formation of networks between organisations in Germany and Islamic countries in a sustained manner.

The CrossCulture Internships Programme is an exchange and dialogue programme of ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) implemented in partnership with the German Federal Foreign Office.

Areas of Emphasis

CrossCulture Internships are mainly offered in the following fields:

  • Legal dialogue, justice & human rights
  • International politics & political education
  • Environment
  • Knowledge society & education
  • Economy & development cooperation
  • Media
  • Arts & culture


For participants from Germany:

  • visa fee
  • health insurance
  • travel costs roundtrip
  • a monthly grant of 1.100 Euro (accommodation and public transport at destination to be organized and paid by participant)

For participants from abroad:

  • visa fee
  • health insurance
  • travel costs roundtrip
  • a monthly grant of 550 Euro
  • accommodation in Germany
  • urban public transport at destination


  • Applicants should be young professionals and committed volunteers in different areas of civil society as well as multipliers in media and other relevant organisations.
  • Applicants should be currently enrolled university students will not be considered for selection.
  • Applicants should not exceed the age limit of 23 to 45 years.
  • Requirements for taking part in the programme include a good command of English and a permanent employment or volunteer involvement in an organisation or institution in one’s own country. Knowledge of German is welcome but not required.
  • Applicants must be in good health. Their physical as well as mental working capacity must be sufficient for the requirements of a longer stay abroad and the essential work requirements of the internship.

Eligible Countries

Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, Germany, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Republic of the Sudan, Tajikistan, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan.

How to Apply

CCP applications are accepted via e-mail only

  • correct e-mail subject: CCP application first name family name
  • one e-mail with two attachments. Name correctly:
    • Part one: CCP_application_firstname_familyname
    • Part two: CCP_recommend_applicantsfirstname_fa milyname
    • Additional documents are not required.
  • Maximum size of e-mail in total: 5 MB Please check size of your photograph: app. 72 dpi, 350 x 350 pixels.

To apply,

  1. Download part one and two.
  2. Fill in and upload your picture to part one.
  3. Print in color.
  4. Sign.
  5. Scan and save in pdf format.
  6. Attach part one and two to an e-mail.
  7. Send one email.
    • Applicants from Germany – Please submit the filled in and signed application to ifa in Stuttgart, Germany: [email protected]
    • Applicants from abroad – Please submit the filled in and signed application forms to the German diplomatic mission (see list) in your home country via e-mail.

Note: The nomination of the participants will be announced in March 2016. Please note that the earliest beginning of CCP for all applicants is May 2016. For applicants from Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen the internship can be conducted until 15 December 2016 at the latest. Applicants from all other countries can conduct their internship until April 2017.

For more information, visit CrossCulture Internships.