The Estonian Business School Challenge  2016 (€2000 scholarship)

The Estonian Business School Challenge 2016 (€2000 scholarship)

Deadline: 16th January 2016

Would you like to study at one of the biggest private universities in the Baltic countries? Take the challenges and win a €2000 scholarship! Established in 1988, Estonian Business School is the oldest privately owned business university located in Tallinn, Estonia.

The university offers a huge variety of higher education courses in business. It also has its own business innovation programme and innovation related courses. You will also get the chance to focus on the European business environment and create a fantastic network of contacts.


The challenge is open globally to students who have already or will apply to a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme at the Estonian Business School.


The award is a 2000€ scholarship, amounting to 50% off your first year of tuition.

How to Apply

All that is required is test of your business skills, comprising of two timed online quizzes and an application form.

The competition organizers reserve the right to choose the winners at their sole discretion. Although not anticipated, competition rules and prizes may be changed or altered at any time.

For more information about the university , visit the Estonian Business School website.