Kosmos 2016 Seed Grants – Call For Proposals ($2500 award)

Kosmos 2016 Seed Grants – Call For Proposals ($2500 award)

Deadline: February 14, 2016

Applications are now open for Kosmos Seed Grants, which will be awarded in Spring 2016 to individuals or organisations working to advance social change, specifically by encouraging and enabling civic engagement.

The 2016 theme, ‘Igniting Civic Engagement’ is intended to encourage inclusive participation by members of the communities served by applicant organisations. The fund defines civic engagement as ‘individual and collective actions designed to identify and address issues of public concern.’ How will community voices and perspectives be represented in your initiative? How will you bring people together to ignite action?


Applicants can include-

  • Any (501-C-3) non-profit organisation, registered in the US, working anywhere in the world toward social change.
  • Individuals applying through an accredited US non-profit.


There are two grants available, valued at $2,500 each.

How to Apply

To apply, fill in the form on the website, which should include a description of the project and any additional useful information.

Projects should have a stated duration, with clear objectives and expected outcomes. Applicants should describe a clear and direct use of the funds and the impact it will have (i.e., not in funding general operations or overhead costs).

For more information, visit the Kosmos Seed Grants 2016