2016/17 Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship – Financial Support of USD 40,000

2016/17 Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship – Financial Support of USD 40,000

Deadline: May 1, 2016

The Hunt Fellowship is awarded to scholars in the earlier stages of their careers, when they frequently lack the time and resources to develop their research for publication.  Scholars with a Ph.D in hand for no more than ten years (from the application deadline) are eligible to apply. A maximum of eight Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowships are awarded annually.

Wenner-Gren Foundation provides funds for the Hunt Fellowship to enable scholars devote themselves full-time to writing. The Foundation aims to enable a new generation of scholars to publish significant works that will impact the development of anthropology. The program contributes to the Foundation’s overall mission to support basic research in anthropology and to ensure that the discipline continues to be a source of vibrant and significant work that furthers our understanding of humanity’s cultural and biological origins, development, and variation.


  • Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowships are non-renewable and provide USD 40,000 of financial support for twelve months of continuous full-time writing.
  • Applicants requesting shorter time periods will receive a pro-rated award as appropriate (e.g., a six-month project would be awarded USD 20,000).


  • Applicants must have a PhD or equivalent at the time of application;
  • Applicants must have received a PhD or equivalent within ten years of the application deadline;
  • Qualified scholars are eligible without regard to nationality, institutional, or departmental affiliation although preference is given to applicants who are untenured or do not yet have a permanent academic position;
  • The Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship is to support a continuous period of full-time academic writing. The research that forms the basis of the writing project is expected to be completed at the time of application;
  • The fellowship may be used to support the preparation of a book or monograph manuscript, journal articles, book chapters, or a combination of these forms of publication;
  • The Foundation cannot accept an application from a prior grantee unless all requirements of a previous grant have been completed. Please contact the Foundation for more information if this situation applies;
  • Prior recipients of Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowships are not eligible to apply for a second fellowship for a different writing project;
  • Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship applications that were unsuccessful in a prior funding cycle may be resubmitted only twice;
  • If a fellowship is awarded, the applicant must agree to comply with the Requirements and Conditions of the Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Application Process

Applicants must read the application procedures before applying.

For more information, visit Hunt Posdoctoral Fellowship in USA.