RELX Group Environmental Challenge – Prize up to $75,000 USD!

RELX Group Environmental Challenge – Prize up to $75,000 USD!

Deadline: May 2, 2016

The RELX Group Environmental Challenge (the “Challenge”) is a skill-based competition in which participants are asked to submit proposals outlining innovative ideas that advance access to safe water and/or sanitation where access is presently at risk. The Challenge is open to individuals or organisations operating in the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors. Projects must advance sustainable access to safe water and include the following criteria:

  • Be replicable, scalable and sustainable; and set a benchmark for innovation;
  • Have practical applicability;
  • Address non-discrimination/equity of access;
  • Involve and impact a range of stakeholders;
  • Have local/community-level engagement.


The winning project will receive a single payment of $50,000, with the second place finisher receiving a single payment of $25,000.


  • Applicants must be 21 or over to enter the Challenge;
  • Applicants may participate as (i) individuals, (ii) teams of individuals, or (iii) individually or in teams on behalf of an organisation, i.e. an educational or not-for-profit institution or a corporation (the latter category, collectively “Organisations”);
  • Submission of an application with a proposal (the “Application”) on behalf of a group of individuals or an Organisation shall constitute a representation by the individual submitting the Application that he/she is authorised to represent the team to submit the Application and distribute any prize money;
  • Directors, officers and employees (and their immediate families and household members) of RELX Group plc (the “Sponsor”) and its affiliates (collectively, with Sponsor, “RELX Group”) and their respective advertising and promotion agencies are not eligible to enter the Challenge.
  • The Environmental Challenge is subject to applicable laws of an applicant’s jurisdiction. Sponsor is not responsible for any other eligibility prohibitions, including, without limitation, any established by applicant’s employer; applicants are encouraged to seek information on any such restrictions prior to submission of an Application. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED.
  • See Official Rules.

Application Process

  • To apply, applicants must register for the Environmental Challenge;
  • All submissions must be in English;
  • The application includes the following elements:
    • Executive summary;
    • Organisation/Applicant description;
    • Project background;
    • Project goals;
    • Project outcomes;
    • Sustainability;
    • Project plan;
    • Budget;
    • Competing interests;
    • Partner/third party testimonial statement.
  • Download the Application Form.

For more information, visit RELX Environmental Challenge.