Hello Tomorrow Challenge 2016 (Grand Prize of €100K Available)

Hello Tomorrow Challenge 2016 (Grand Prize of €100K Available)

Deadline: June 17, 2016

Entries are invited for the Hello Tomorrow Challenge 2016. The challenge is a global startup competition for the most promising science-technology projects and startups that aim to solve the world’s pressing issues. The project could follow any of the following tracks: Aeronautics, Air Quality, Beauty & Wellbeing, Data, Energy, Food & Agriculture, Healthcare, Industry 4.0, Transportation & Mobility and Water & Waste.

The grand finale will be held in Paris on October 13th and 14th, during the Hello Tomorrow Summit. To date, 60 early-stage graduates have raised more than $90 million and 57 of them are still operational.


  • Equity Free Funding: €100K Grand Prize and €15K per track winner as well as the opportunity to pitch and interact with more than 200 sector-specific investors,
  • Get Visibility on a Global Scale: Maximize your exposure through international media coverage and be part of our ranking of early-stage SciTech startups in each continent,
  • Build Connections at the Global Summit: Founders of the top 100 startups get 2 tickets to the invite-only Summit in Paris along with 2,000 peers, investors, executives and journalists.


  • Early-stage startups or projects that have currently raised less than €400k,
  • Have a core piece of technology and are working on a product that can have great impact on the industry and/or society,
  • Projects must have a POC or a scientific validation of their claim,
  • Projects are not required to be incorporated, but they should have clear development plans and goals,
  • In case a non-incorporated project wins the competitions, no funds will be transferred until the company is incorporated.

Application Process

Apply using the dedicated Younoodle platform or Nominate a startup.

For more information, visit Hello Tomorrow Challenge 2016.