WECREATE Challenge Business Model Competition

WECREATE Challenge Business Model Competition

Deadline: June 30, 2016

The WECREATE Challenge Business Model Competition is for women owned, women co-founded businesses and women led businesses only and is open to any type of business idea. Women entrepreneurs who compete are rewarded for tuning their idea into a viable business, going to market quickly, building a team, modifying their business model, and then learning what drives customers and revenue. The WECREATE Challenge just may be the motivation you need to make your dream a reality!

The organizers of WECREATE Challenge are passionate about women entrepreneurs to realize their dreams by starting and building their own businesses. They believe that investing in the women business leaders of today and tomorrow is vital for our long term economic sustainability, that women entrepreneurs are the hero’s of our time, fostering an increase in creativity, imagination, and innovation.


  • First Prize: Kshs 250,000
  • Second Prize: Kshs 100,000
  • Third Prize: Kshs 50,000

Entrepreneurs and startup teams that submit their business model into WECREATE Challenge will be eligible for invitation to an exclusive Extreme Build-A-Business Weekend on July 15th and 16th led by WECREATE co-founder and StartUp Cup founder, Sean Griffin.


  • Open to any women owned, women co-founded and women led businesses.

Application Process

Fill the Application form here.

For more information, visit WECREATE Challenge.