Anzisha Prize 2016 for Young Media Professionals promoting African Youth Entrepreneurship!

Anzisha Prize 2016 for Young Media Professionals promoting African Youth Entrepreneurship!

Deadline: August 30, 2016

Professional journalists are now invited to submit their portfolio of published work on African youth entrepreneurship for the Anzisha Prize for Young Media Professionals 2016. After five years of celebrating youth entrepreneurs across Africa, the Anzisha Prize is adding a category to honour young media professionals devoted to telling the stories of Africa’s youth entrepreneurs.

The writing needs to have been published in either print, broadcast or digital media. The Prize will award media articles, broadcasts or blogs that are prominent for their attention to youth entrepreneurship and quality of content.

Prize and Benefits

The winners will receive an all-expenses paid trip to an African city of their choice, where they will cover a story on the successes of youth entrepreneurship. The top three finalists will win an all-expenses paid trip to the Anzisha Prize Award Ceremony, held in South Africa in October 2016.

The winner will also become an Anzisha Partner, with Anzisha committing to reshare and reblog their content. Winners will be offered a chance to be a part the Entrepreneurial Leadership curriculum offered to the young Anzisha entrepreneurs for 2016 as well as the opportunity to host a seminar during the Anzisha Week Entrepreneurial Leadership Training.


All applicants should ensure eligibility and submit a representative portfolio of their body of work in line with these criteria:

  • Submitted portfolio of work should be within chosen popular media, which includes print and online publications as well as radio and television broadcasts
  • Submitted portfolio of work must be within the youth entrepreneurship theme
  • Applicants should have a strong track record of work within chosen media in reporting on youth entrepreneurship
  • Applicants should have access to a platform where their work has been/is published or broadcasted
  • Applicants should be nationals of an African country and work on the African continent
  • Applicants should be within the ages 15- 30

All submissions will be judged according the following criteria:

  • Content should be relevant to and build awareness of youth entrepreneurship
  • Applicants should be professionals with wide and far reach in the number of people who have access to their work
  • Applicants should have a strong personal/ individual social media following as a professional with a point of view in youth entrepreneurship in Africa


Apply Here: Anzisha Media Prize Application

For more information, visit Anzisha Media Prize.