World Nomad Travel Photography Scholarship 2016 (Fully Funded)

World Nomad Travel Photography Scholarship 2016 (Fully Funded)

Deadline: December 14, 2016

Ever wondered what it would be like on assignment as a travel photographer? This is your chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Japan and be mentored by professional travel photographer, Richard I’Anson. From the neon lights of Tokyo to the traditions and temples of Kyoto, Japan is the perfect place for photography enthusiasts.

Prizes and Benefits

  • Round-trip airfare from your country of residence to Tokyo, Japan;
  • Go on a bespoke trip through ancient and modern Japan with a tour from World Expeditions and TourRadar;
  • Receive hands-on experience in everything from shot set up to technique, composition and visual storytelling under the mentorship of travel photographer and Canon Master, Richard I’Anson;
  • Travel in comfort and style with awesome outdoor adventure gear;
  • You’ll receive travel insurance for the duration of your trip from World Nomad;
  • Get a copy of Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Photography Tips written by mentor Richard I’Anson, to sharpen your skills and your pictures.


  • Open to travel photographers around the world.

Judging Criteria

Your photo essay should showcase your:

  • Original subject and unique perspective;
  • Excellent technique and creative composition;
  • Ability to convey a compelling story;
  • Understanding of the subject through your captions.

Note: Should your entry reach the final round of judging you will be asked to supply the RAW file of each photo for comparison with your submission (these may also be published online).

Application Process

  • Shoot your photo story (maximum of 5 images): Your images must tell a story about a place you have visited. ‘Place’ may be anywhere; somewhere in your own community or much further away. Each of the 5 shots must have accompanying caption text (1-2 sentences) to help contextualise the shot;
  • Craft a 1500-character essay telling organizers what winning this scholarship would mean to you
    • Your written essay will have significant weighting in the judging process, so think carefully about why you should be chosen;
    • Tell them about yourself, your passions, why you love photography, what drives you to take a better shot, where you would like to go with your photography etc. Help them form a picture in their mind of you as a person with your text.
  • Complete the application form including your personal details along with uploading your photos;
  • Once you apply, you will not be able to go back and edit your application, so please make sure you are completely satisfied with your essay before you hit the submit button. Each image must be 1MB or under in size. If you’re image is a larger size, you will need to reduce the image size before you commence your application.

Interested applicants can start their application!

For more information, see FAQ or visit World Nomad Travel Photography Scholarship.