University of Tokyo Research Internship Program 2017 (Fully-funded to Japan)

University of Tokyo Research Internship Program 2017 (Fully-funded to Japan)

Deadline: February 2, 2017

Applications are open for the 2017 University of Tokyo Research Internship Program. The University of Tokyo Research Internship Program (UTRIP) is a 6-week summer internship program for students majoring in natural science and other relevant fields. It provides students with an opportunity to gain the experience of “real graduate-school life” or “research-centered life.” UTRIP is a gateway to pursuing an advanced degree and experiencing academic life at our university.

This program invites undergraduate students from all around the world with keen interests in pursuing an M.S. or Ph.D. degree in the future, to experience the forefront of research at a world-leading laboratory


Program Features:

  • Around 20 participants
  • Six-week summer internship
  • Choice of two program periods
  • Academic & cultural activities
  • Gateway to pursuing an advanced degree at UTokyo

Participants on UTRIP will also be granted financial support to cover their costs and expenses. They will also get the opportunity to take part in cultural activities and excursions to learn more about Japan.

Full Financial Support:

  • Free accommodation provided;
  • Stipend (JPY 60,000);
  • Round-trip airfare support (up to JPY 100,000)


Applicants for UTRIP must:

  • Have completed at least one full year in a Bachelor’s degree program at the time of application.
  • Be enrolled in and, after the UTRIP program ends, be expected to return to, at least another semester, quarter, or another equivalent academic term, in a Bachelor’s degree program (or a Bachelor’s-equivalent year of an integrated Bachelor’s-Master’s degree program) at a university outside of Japan.
    *At selection, the priority for nomination is given to applicants expected to be in their third year of a four-year Bachelor’s degree program and to applicants expected to be in their second year of a three-year Bachelor’s degree program. Second-year students in four-year Bachelor’s degree programs are also encouraged to apply.
  • Be enrolled in a natural science or related field.
  • Be thinking of pursuing long-term career goals in a scientific area.
  • Be planning to commit to the entire six consecutive weeks of the UTRIP program (June 9 to July 20, 2017, for 1st Crew students, and June 28 to August 8, 2017, for 2nd Crew students) on a full-time basis.
  • Be able to present coverage of a health insurance plan that is effective during the internship program before arriving in Japan.
  • English proficiency: test scores of TOEFL or an equivalent English proficiency test (such as IELTS) are required if English is not your first language. Test scores that have already expired are accepted, as long as the applicant is still able to produce proof of the test scores upon request by the UTRIP office. Students who have received an English-medium education continuously for the past 8 years are exempted from submitting English proficiency test scores.


Upon enrolling in the UTRIP program, students must agree to fulfill the following requirements:

  • To devote their full efforts to conducting the UTRIP project
  • To participate in the project for the full six-week period
  • To attend all academic and social events scheduled over the course of the UTRIP program
  • To submit a written research final report approved by the UTRIP supervisor within one month of finishing the UTRIP program
  • To give an oral presentation on the scheduled day


To apply, complete the online application.

Make sure that you have all the above information and materials ready at hand when you submit your online application.

For more information, visit the University of Tokyo Research Internship Program.