CSA Oil Breakthrough Lab 2017 – Win $5,000 and fully-funded training in USA!

CSA Oil Breakthrough Lab 2017 – Win $5,000 and fully-funded training in USA!

Deadline: January 31, 2017

Think a world without oil is possible? Here’s your chance to prove it. Climate Strategies Accelerator, through Climate Tracker, is now in the hunt for changemakers who can imagine a world without oil. Simply put, they need people with imaginative solutions that can end society’s dependence on fossil fuels. Your ideas don’t need to be tied to pipelines and oil projects directly. They can be about reimagining our transit systems, urban planning, land rights, manufacturing, consumer behavior, and more.


The CSA is both a fund –– with $20 million and counting ready to invest in new climate solutions –– and an accelerator, staffed with experts who know how to get big, audacious ideas off the ground. In 2017, we’re looking for 8-10 leaders with imaginative solutions for ending oil dependence.

Once selected, leaders will join the Oil Breakthrough Lab, a week-long boot camp and intensive 90-day accelerator designed to refine and strengthen their visions. Over the course of the lab, leaders will receive mentorship from experts; exposure to a global network of funders, luminaries, and seasoned innovators; and (most importantly) dedicated working time. Participants will come out of the lab with a polished proposal and pitch, which they’ll present to the CSA network of funders at a collaborative, in-person event. The CSA Fund will then decide if any of the candidates will move on to become Program Leaders, receiving grants of up to $1-2 million per year over a three-year period to further pursue their ideas.


  1. $5,000.00 US Dollars participation honorarium
  2. 1-week fully funded training bootcamp in May 2017 (tentatively in the United States)
  3. A 90-day acceleration sprint, working together with a network of experts, mentors, and coaches to develop the project idea
  4. A chance to attend a fully funded in-person event in Asia in September 2017
  5. An opportunity to pitch your project ideas to funders to win up to $2 million US Dollars


This competition is open to everyone, especially people from Southeast Asia. They are specifically looking for individuals with innovative ideas that can save gigatons of carbon and have far social and political reach. They can be from NGOs, universities, or think tanks. No age limit or professional background required. If you think you can change the world, then you’re the one we’re looking for!

Breakthrough Lab candidates should have:

  • A history of creating real, meaningful change in their fields
  • Strong and diverse networks
  • Drive, tenacity, and imagination
  • Willingness to work full-time on their project for three years
  • Systems thinking and collaborative approach
  • The right ratio of talent to arrogance

Selections will be based on:

  • ● The anticipated impact of the project (i.e., tons of carbon or disruptive political change)
  • ● The strength of the leader’s strategy and theory of change
  • ● Leader’s demonstrated ability to work with a large network to achieve the goal
  • ● English proficiency (this Breakthrough Lab will be conducted only in English, though future Labs may be conducted in additional languages)


To apply for the Climate Strategies Accelerator, complete the online application.

For more information, visit Oil Breakthrough Lab.