Announcing the Top 12 Finalists for OD Impact Challenge 2016

Announcing the Top 12 Finalists for OD Impact Challenge 2016

We are pleased to announce our Top 12 finalists for the OD Impact Challenge! Each of these finalists represent leaders and entrepreneurs who are taking great steps to solve real problems and add significant value to the lives of people in the communities.

Our judges are highly impressed with the tons and quality of entries we received this year. While many of the entries are great, we are only able to shortlist 12 finalists to advance to the next stage of the competition. The application videos of our Top 12 finalists are now live on our YouTube Channel and we have also published their brief profiles and video links to our Facebook Page.

Meet Our Top 12 (alphabetical order)

1. Amma Serwaa Frimpong from Ghana

Amma SerwaaProject Name: iVolunteer Ghana

Amma discovered a worrying trend in her country whereby; deprived persons are always counting on benevolent people to make donations in cash or kind to them. To change this, she founded iVolunteer Ghana, and resolved to go to deprived communities with accomplished young vocational entrepreneurs to train these persons with hands on practical vocational skills; they can fend from and earn a living and income on.

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2. Deliwe Makata from Malawi

DELIWEProject Name: Women Inspire

Girls and young women in Malai suffer from gender stereotypes that often arise from their own lack of adequate knowledge in what a girl can become and achieve. This gender stereotypes leaves females financially behind and without means of sustenance. Deliwe founded ‘Women Inspire’ to train and mentor young girls in rural communities in capacity building to ensure that they achieve a high level of self sustenance through economic empowerment, educational funding support, social asset skills and motivation empowerment.

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3. Gramescu Alin-Gabriel from Romania

Gramescu Alin-GabrielProject Name: Lubesc Studentia

A year ago Gramescu started the project called “Iubesc Studentia” which means “I love the student life” as an effort to promote five opportunities for students on a daily basis. Gramescu hopes that this will become a useful resource for students in Romania. Lubesc Studentia recently launched its first ever student reality show which challenges students to represent Romania in an international competition.

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4. Gusti Ngurah Ketut Budiarta From Indonesia

Gusti NgurahProject Name: Greenatic

Gusti holds a bachelors degree in agriculture and he is passionate about sustainable agriculture. After attending Global Youth Summit in Switzerland in July 2016, he founded an Organization called Greenatic. This organization runs several projects. The most recent project, FARMERHOOD aims to raise awareness amongst youths on how to reduce the impact of climate change through sustainable agriculture. Youths learn about the real organic farming practice and interactions with experienced farmers.

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5. Mainess Chilumbwa from Zambia

MainessProject Name: Na Tubelenge Children’s Library

Mainess and her friend co-founded a community children’s Library in the effort to improve the poor reading culture in their community. Through this, children from diverse economic backgrounds are encouraged to read books for enjoyment and inner growth. This library is supported by the generous donations of second-hand books from families and local organizations.


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6. Michael Oyugi from Kenya

Michael OyugiProject Name: Center for Integrity and Gender Balance

Micheal is a human right Defender and the founder of Center for Integrity and Gender Balance (CIJB). His project focuses on tackling the violations of human rights including lack of public access to information, extrajudicial killings and historical land injustices. He actively advocates and amplifies the voices of the economically marginalized communities/groups.

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Millatul Hanifiyyah from Indonesia

Millatul HanifiyyahProject Name: Nitipdongs

Millatul is the Chief Marketing Officer of Nitipdongs. Nitipdongs provides baggage storage services which in turn reduces the burden associated with baggages during travel and increases safely. Nitipdongs uses locker system which are provide in some public areas. Nitipdongs also empowers the local community members through employment opportunities. Through Nitipdongs, Indonesia is becoming a city that that is safe and ease free for tourist attractions.

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8. Summaiya Afreen from India

Summaiya AfreenProject Name: Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti

Summaiya co-founded her organization which has supported women and youth empowerment for about 6years. Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti narrows down the digital gap, giving women and youths skill training and connecting them with different job opportunities. Till date, this organization has benefited more than 8 thousand beneficiaries directly.

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Timothy Undiandeye from Nigeria

Timothy UndiandeyeProject Name: Recycling Ugly Waste Into Beauty

Timothy transform tailors’ waste to beautiful portraits. According to him, tailors’ waste reveals a kaleidoscopic mix of random, exciting colours and motifs of brocade, Ankara, cashmere, chinos, denims, etc. He collects the waste (in this case, fabrics), cuts these fabrics into different shapes and sizes, juxtapose the different colours and affix with glue to form unique collages. The end-products are intricate portraits and amazing brand concepts.

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10. Victor Odhiambo from Kenya

Victor OdhiamboProject Name: Garden of Hope Foundation

Victor is the founder of the Garden of Hope Foundation. Since the inception the foundation has worked with 3,500 youths from 5 counties in Kenya. 250 student leaders have been trained on leadership and behavior change through the students’ leaders program. 500 girls in Kibera receive monthly supply of sanitary towel and panties alongside mentorship and counseling.100 high school graduates have been trained on leadership and entrepreneurship development through the LDE-P program.

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11. Winnie Muthoni From Kenya

Winnie Muthoni_Project Name SaidiaToto

Winnie is a Journalism and mass communication student who writes a blog on child poverty and its impact on children. She began this initiative after realizing that most stories were similar in that primary school children faced the challenge of lacking school uniform and stationery. SaidiaToto not only highlights their plight of child poverty, but it also brings change through the provision of uniform, stationery and sanitary towels. Recently SaidiaToto supported a partially blind boy by raising hospital funding for corrective eye surgery. 

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12. Zar Nigar from Pakistan

Zar NigarProject Name: Chanan Development Association

Zar’s project is focused on Suicide prevention amongst youths in her rural community. In conjunction with other board member of Chanan Development Association, Zar counsels and provides awareness sessions to the young people and parents in order to put an end to the suicide trend.

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Congratulations to the Finalists. 

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Important Note

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