Swiss Foundation for Solidarity in Tourism Grant 2017

Swiss Foundation for Solidarity in Tourism Grant 2017

Deadline: November 24, 2017

Apply for funding opportunity from the Swiss Foundation for Solidarity in Tourism, Basle (SST). The SST Foundation supports organisations, projects and initiatives that pursue sustainable tourism development. Through its contributions, the SST Foundation helps to secure the livelihoods of the population in tourist destinations, to improve their economic conditions and to protect the environment.

The SST Foundation is a non-profit foundation and exempted from tax. As a foundation engaged in international activities, it is under federal supervision. It also helps to promote initiatives and new ideas for a balanced cultural exchange between tourists and locals. Funding applications can be submitted to the Foundation at any time. The Board will decide on the support to be granted by the Foundation. The Board meets on a quarterly basis.

Available Grant

  • At the moment, funds amounting to about CHF 150,000 per year are at the Foundation’s disposal to support projects and organisations in accordance with the Foundation’s objectives.
  • The Board decides on the amount to be granted to individual projects. So far, grants for individual projects range between CHF 5,000. and CHF 25,000.


In order to be granted financial support, applicants must submit projects that are in line with the
Foundation’s objectives and they must observe the following criteria:

  • Financial support may be granted for activities
  • Financial support may be granted for activities in Switzerland as well as other countries worldwide.
  • Financial support will usually be given to organisations, associations and legal entities.
  • As a rule, additional grants for running projects will not be approved.
  • For projects of several years’ duration, the Foundation may approve recurring grants.


  • Applications for grants must show clearly how the project contributes to achieving the Foundation’s objectives.
  • Applications (without annex) should not exceed four pages A4.
  • Applications may be submitted in German or English.
  • Submissions and questions can be made to the Swiss Foundation for Solidarity in Tourism via [email protected]
    P.O. Box 410
    CH – 4015 Basel

For more information, read the application guidelines or visit SST.