Royal Society Research Professorship Award 2018 (Up to £100,000)

Royal Society Research Professorship Award 2018 (Up to £100,000)

Deadline: October 11, 2017

Applications are open! The Royal Society Research Professorships provides long term support for world-class researchers of outstanding achievement and promise. These are the Society’s premier research awards and the aim of this scheme is to release the best leading researchers from teaching and administration allowing them to focus on research. Previous holders of Royal Society Research Professorships include Nobel Laureates and Presidents of the Royal Society. The prestige and duration of these awards mean that vacancies arise infrequently.

Subjects covered in research include any of the natural and applied sciences including medical science, engineering, and interdisciplinary research. One award (Royal Society EP Abraham Research Professorship) will be restricted to research in biological and medical sciences. There will be 5 Royal Society Research Professorships supported through the “Research Talent Fund”


  • Contribution to the award-holder’s salary costs (including on-costs) of £82,000 (basic salary) per year.
  • Award holders will receive research expenses of up to £100,000 per year, confirmed until the end 0f March 2021.
  • In addition, they may request startup costs of £200,000 in year 1 and £100,000 in year 2.
  • The Society will fund 80% of the full economic cost of the award for those Professorships funded through the Society’s Government grant.
  • Research Professors are appointed for up to 10 years: 5 years in the first instance with the opportunity to renew the professorship for a further 5 years subject to satisfactory progress.


  • This scheme is open to world-class researchers (scientists and engineers). Applications are particularly
    welcomed from internationally renowned researchers currently residing outside of the UK.
  • Under-represented groups are particularly encouraged to apply.
  • Professorships must be held at a UK University or a UK not-for-profit research institute (including Research Council Institutes).

Assessment Criteria

These prestigious awards are designed to enable individuals of proven ability to undertake independent, original research into any of the natural and applied sciences including medical and engineering science. As such the primary considerations in the assessment will be:

  •  the outstanding research track record of the applicant and international standing in their field;
  • the high quality and originality of the proposed research vision and programme. And how it will advance their field;
  • the suitability of the research environment (UK university or research institution).


  • Begin your application online through the Flexi-Grant System.
  • The following would be included in the application form: Summary, Contact Details, Applicant Career Summary, Research Proposal, Use of Animals in Research, Financial Details, Applicant Declaration, Head of Department Support.
  • If you have any enquiries about the submission of your application or about the Flexi-Grant® process, please contact the Grants Section Senior Fellowships team (tel: +44 (0) 20 7451 2653 or email: [email protected]).

For more information, visit Royal Society Research Professorship.