International Press Institute Journalism Micro-grants 2017 (up to €500)

International Press Institute Journalism Micro-grants 2017 (up to €500)

Deadline: October 26, 2017

The International Press Institute (IPI) announces a call for applications by journalists in Turkey for a limited number of micro-grants to produce feature-style journalistic content analysing the impact that pressure on press freedom in the country has on other aspects of society.

IPI seeks proposals for feature content targeted to an international audience. IPI welcomes ideas for content that highlights the specific consequences of restrictions on free expression and press freedom on other aspects of society and, in particular, analyses any existing links between press freedom restrictions, a decline in the rule of law and economic impact. IPI similarly welcomes content examining the strength and resiliency of civil society in Turkey confronting rights restrictions.

If a proposal is selected, finalised content is expected to be approximately 1,500 words in length; video content, if accepted, is expected to be five to 10 minutes in length. All content is expected to be well-researched and fact-based, to respect the journalistic principles of accuracy and fairness, and to be completely transparent about sources of information, except to the extent that confidentiality is needed.

Upon acceptance, IPI, through its international network, will seek to publish the content in news outlets outside of Turkey. It will also be published on IPI’s website and distributed through IPI’s channels.


  • Up to €500 for journalistic content analysing the impact that pressure on press freedom in Turkey has on other aspects of society


  • Open to individual journalists from Turkey or with substantial experience in Turkey who are currently physically present in the country;
  • Applications must be submitted in English. However, content may be delivered in Turkish or English. IPI will facilitate the translation of content produced in Turkish to English, and vice-versa.


In order for your application to be eligible for review by IPI, you must provide the following information:

  • Statement of personal information, including
    Full Name
    Postal Address
    Street Address (if different)
    Telephone Number
    Email Address
    Website (if relevant)
  • Statement of proposed content to be produced (maximum 400 words): Provide a detailed description of the content you plan to produce if awarded a micro-grant and the amount you are requesting, in euros, to produce that content. Specifically address how this content meets the criteria set forth in the call. Identify the medium to be used, any central themes or ideas, how you plan to produce the content, any anticipated difficulties and any other relevant information.
  • Statement of journalistic background (maximum 400 words): Describe your journalistic background and any skills or experience that may be relevant to your ability to produce the content described in your application.
  • All information submitted must be provided in English.
  • The completed application should be sent to IPI by email.
  • If you are unsure whether your application qualifies for a micro-grant, please send a preliminary inquiry with a brief description of your project via email.

The deadline for applications is midnight (CEST) on October 26, 2017. Successful applicants will be notified on November 1, 2017 and given two weeks to finalise the content. Following time for editing and translation, articles will be published the first week of December.

For more information, visit IPI Journalism Micro-grants.