Transatlantic Leadership Program 2018 for Young Europeans and Americans (Funded)

Transatlantic Leadership Program 2018 for Young Europeans and Americans (Funded)

Deadline: January 30, 2018

YouthProAktiv is now inviting European and American leaders of today and tomorrow to apply for the 2018 Transatlantic Leadership Program. The Transatlantic Leadership Program (TLP ) is designed to identify the brightest young people from the European Union and United States willing to participate in developing strong Transatlantic relations. The program allows young leaders from both sides of the Atlantic to undergo a 3 months working experience at United States Congress for European young leaders, and at the European Parliament for American participants.


Although the United States and the European Union remain the closest allies, recent development in international politics particularly  require us to create a new vision for transatlantic relations. Having this in mind, the United States and European Union will need to prepare a new generation of social and political leaders, able to understand the importance of transatlantic relations, that are empowered to search for common strategies in response to a changing world.

YouthProAktiv focuses on promoting proactivity, entrepreneurship as well as greater involvement of young people in economic, political and social life of their communities. The aim is to establish a new platform of cooperation for Transatlantic partners that will give young people an opportunity to gain a first-hand experience of policy-making both at American and European level.


During the working experience, the participants will enjoy a series of extra-curricullar activities in Brussels or Washington DC that may include meetings with officials from other institutions, like the Supreme Court, State Department, European External Actions Service EU Mission to the United States, etc. The participants will prepare a live blog covering the mentioned activities. At the end of the working experience, the participants will be asked to submit a report concerning their experience of the program and future plans regarding their involvement in building stronger transatlantic relations.


Selected candidates will receive a formal invitation letter from a particular congressman, senator or member of the European Parliament in order to join the program in their congressional/parliamentary office.

  • For American participants: All American participants working at the European Parliament will receive remuneration provided by the European Parliament offices for their work that it is sufficient to cover the cost of lodging and accommodation in Brussels. YouthProAktiv will also provide support in searching for affordable accommodation in Brussels for the period of the exchange.
  • For European participants: European leaders selected to conduct their program exchange in the US Congress for the period of September to December 2018 will be granted with a scholarship covering their plane tickets. Detailed information will be directly granted to the final selected participants.
  • Follow–up activities and the Transatlantic Leadership Program Alumni Club: All Winners in the program as well as the finalists preselected to join the program will be invited to participate in the TLP Alumni Club. The Club will organize special meetings, conferences regarding transatlantic relations, and provide the participants with news regarding economic, political and social relations.


  • Open to European and American youth leaders under 40 years who are interested in US-EU relations.
  • Applicants should exhibit superior scholastic achievement and demonstrate talent in international affairs
  • Participants should be prepared to participate in a working experience at US House of Representatives, US Senate (for European participants) or European Parliament (for American participants) for a period of 3 months.


Complete the online application here.

For more information, visit Transatlantic Leadership Program.