SAG-SEED Replicator Connect Workshops 2018 in Accra, Ghana

SAG-SEED Replicator Connect Workshops 2018 in Accra, Ghana

Deadline: March 4, 2018

Do you want to replicate a tested and proven business model to set up your own eco-inclusive enterprise? Apply for the SAG-SEED Replicator Connect Workshop and learn from successful business models and innovative tools to build up your own enterprise.

The SAG-SEED Replicator uses proven solutions to environmental, social and economic challenges to support eco-inclusive entrepreneurship in local communities. By building on learnings of others, you will be able to replicate and adapt successful elements of viable eco-inclusive business models to your own context. Thereby you will tackle environmental and social challenges your community is facing, while creating economic impact.


Participation in the SAG-SEED Replicator Connect Workshops and all the material provided are free of charge! Participants must cover their own transport costs however. The workshops will take place in Accra, Ghana.


  • Inspiration by a variety of case studies
  • Learn from real-world experiences of proven eco-inclusive enterprises
  • Get the opportunity to collaborate with originators of succesful business models
  • Receive expert guidance as well as valuable peer-to-peer feedback


Applicants must be

  • Resident in Ghana and have an entrepreneurial drive and want to make a change in their community
  • A future entrepreneur wanting to start their own business, but lacking a concrete idea
  • A business owner wanting to refine their business model and collaborate with successful eco-inclusive enterprises around the globe
  • A NGO wanting to become financially independent and learn from enterprise solutions that work


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For more information, visit SAG-SEED Replicator Connect Workshop.