Career Options in the Tech Sector for 2018

Career Options in the Tech Sector for 2018

With 32% of IT professionals believed to be ready to look for new jobs or switching to new employers within the sector this year, it’s clear that the job market in this industry is undergoing plenty of changes. Whether it’s the rise in contract work or the fact that almost two thirds of IT professionals feel they’re underpaid, there are many factors contributing to the change.

Here are some of the best IT job options if you’re among those looking to switch and make that all important next career move.

1. Software developers

With almost a quarter of a million software developer jobs believed to exist and a healthy median salary to add to the appeal, it’s likely that this will be one of 2018’s most hotly in-demand tech sector jobs. Whether it’s an app you’re working on or the code behind major equipment you create, you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing your work is being used every single day by consumers, corporations, small organizations and many others.

2. Contract projects 

No matter what your specific field of expertise is within the tech sector, it’s likely you’ll have to consider working on a contract basis at some point soon. That differs from full-time work in that you won’t have a regular contract, but you will still receive work and pay on a project basis. If you choose to go down this route, you can get around the many contractor pay headaches by working with an umbrella company that will manage all the payroll-related problems for you.

3. Data security professionals

With data breaches in the news almost every week these days, demand has never been higher for professionals who are able to make company and organization networks secure from malicious hackers and those with prying eyes. A particular advantage of the data security world is that there is extensive demand for workers both in the private and the public sector, so there’s a never-ending range of job options and a diversity of projects available.

4. Network professionals

We all rely on networks for everything from our Internet connections to sharing local files with our colleagues at work, so it’s no surprise that network professionals are greatly in demand. Those working in that field need to have some specific skills relating to the architecture of the particular network, but they also need to make sure they have the ability to think in a clear and logical way and to be able to solve the many problems thrown up by a network that’s in constant use and is relied upon all the time!

Whether it’s working as a software developer or opting for a project-based career as a contractor, there are lots of options for those looking for tech industry jobs – no matter what you’re passionate about or where your skills lie. All you need do is make sure that you think carefully about your abilities and match them to a job you love – and then you’re all set!

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