The Better Tomorrow Movement Hand Up Program 2018

The Better Tomorrow Movement Hand Up Program 2018

Deadline: Rolling Basis

The Better Tomorrow Movement has opened applications for the Hand Up Program 2018. This tailored peer-peer mentorship program sources mentors from a range of highly prestigious leadership networks from across the world to provide their mentees with problem specific mentorship.

If you already have an idea for a project or something that you would like to implement in your community but want to receive some guidance on how to get started, or how to maximise your impact, they highly recommend you to apply to become a mentee. They will then find someone that has the skills and knowledge that you are looking for to take your project further.

The mentors for this program are carefully handpicked from across a range of prestigious networks to ensure high level of insight, experience or knowledge in to the areas of concern raised by their mentees. This gives their mentees exposure to a great range of expertise from various fields. They put a great emphasis on matching their mentees with mentors that have experience in the field they are interested in, or have proven a high level of know-how in the skills the mentee aims to acquire.


Participation in the HUP as a mentee is absolutely free as mentors offer their services voluntarily.

*As of 2018, they have restructured this program with a bit of inspiration from the Leading Change Program, University of Cambridge.


  • Anyone can apply to become a mentee and receive mentorship.
  • This program is designed to help young social entrepreneurs, community activists, or any highly motivated individual. These individuals can use the program to start or troubleshoot a project aimed at improving their communities and environment.  However, the selection of mentors happens through a rigorous screening process.


Before they can match you with your peer mentor, they need to know who you are, what project you hope to work on, the challenges you face, and any specific areas you need help from your mentor. Therefore, they require you to write a Mentor Request Application to help their team match you with a fitting mentor.

Your Mentor Request Application must consist of:

  • An “about me” page to introduce yourself and your goals for the program to your mentor, and highlight the areas you hope to focus on during the mentoring program.
  • A selection of links highlighting your work or your social media, to help them get to know  you even better.

This file must be no longer than two pages. Once you have completed your document, send it to [email protected].

For more information, visit The Hand Up Program.