IDRC’s John G. Bene Fellowship 2018 for Canadians (Up to CAD$15,000)

IDRC’s John G. Bene Fellowship 2018 for Canadians (Up to CAD$15,000)

Deadline: June 30, 2018

Call for application is ongoing for the John G. Bene Fellowship 2018. The Bene fellowship, a bequest from the estate of John G. Bene, is offered annually to Canadians and permanent residents of Canada pursuing master’s or doctoral studies at a Canadian university. Candidates should have an academic background that combines an interest in forests with social sciences (e.g., forestry/agroforestry/natural resources management/environmental sciences).

The fellowship is offered to facilitate field research on the relationship between forest resources and the social, economic, cultural, and environmental welfare of people in developing countries, particularly in the face of changing climate conditions. The successful candidate will propose research that benefits less privileged people in developing countries, aiming to increase the resilience of individuals and forest communities facing difficult contexts and challenges.


  • One award of a maximum of CAD$15,000


  • Candidates must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada;
  • You must be enrolled at a Canadian university at the master’s or doctoral level (when you submit your application, you must have completed several courses of the program, but not necessarily all of the courses);
  • Have an academic background that combines an interest in forests with social sciences. Applicants from interdisciplinary programs are eligible, provided their programs contain the specified elements;
  • Your research proposal must be approved by your thesis supervisor and you must provide proof;
  • Your proposed field of research must take place in one or more developing country and be conducted for a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation;
  • You must provide evidence of affiliation with an institution or organization in the developing region(s) in which the research will take place;
  • For doctoral students: you must have completed coursework and passed comprehensive exams before taking up the award;
  • You may not be in receipt of two or more active IDRC awards at the same time. No time overlaps will be permitted.
  • Note that work focused on genomics and/or genetic modification is not eligible.

Other Eligibility Requirements

If you are selected for an award, you have up to 12 months to start your field research from the date of the final selection. It will be your responsibility to ensure that you follow all Government of Canada travel advisories while applying, when planning your trip, and while in the field. IDRC will not approve travel to a region for which there is an advisory that all travel should be avoided. If you are selected and the advisory changes, you will still be required to follow it even after a contract is signed.


Before applying, please read the following documents:

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For more information, visit John G. Bene Fellowship.