Open Data Institute (ODI) Data Pitch Innovation Program 2018 (up to €100K)

Open Data Institute (ODI) Data Pitch Innovation Program 2018 (up to €100K)

Deadline: October 2, 2018

Applications are open for the Open Data Institute (ODI) Data Pitch Innovation Program 2018. The program gives European data startups another chance to join a groundbreaking accelerator which provides the opportunity to work alongside major corporates. Startups will be able to apply for a place on the accelerator, which provides world-class business support and up to €100K to companies who can propose data-driven solutions to a series of challenges, using combinations of open, closed and shared data.

There is also an open challenge which gives startups free rein to develop something truly transformative in the form of software, hardware, data exchange formats, wearables or registries, which can then be applied over a range of industries and will either reinvent an existing process or find a resolution for a previously unsolvable problem.


Successful applicants will be able to join the six-month programme which offers:

  • Up to €100K equity-free funding
  • Expert mentoring
  • Investment opportunities
  • Access to data from established businesses and the public sector
  • Webinars, training sessions and networking opportunities


  • Eligible companies need to be based in one of the EU28 or Horizon 2020 associated countries and registered with the European Commission as an SME as well as being able to demonstrate access to data owned by another party or, in the case of the data provider-led challenges, show how they plan to use the data being shared.


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For more information, visit ODI Data Pitch Innovation Programme.