Making the Right Career Choice: 5 of the Highest Paid Professions

Making the Right Career Choice: 5 of the Highest Paid Professions

There is no need to explain the importance of having an advanced degree – employers prefer to hire educated personnel. High school education is not enough anymore. The higher the degree you obtain, the better job you can get in the future. For example, a high school diploma guarantees about $700 a week, while a person with an advanced degree can double this amount.

So, make appropriate conclusions and read this review of the 5 highest paying jobs in 2018. 

1. Healthcare

Healthcare professions have always been among the highest-paid jobs. Nursing is the lowest paying job in this list that makes about $68,500 per year. The highest paying jobs in healthcare are anesthesiologist and surgeons with their annual salary of $266,000 and $252,000 consequently. Experts forecast the growth in demand of 16% for healthcare professions in the next few years. The demand for nurses that would work at home will grow by 38%, personal care aides – 26%, medical assistants – 23% and nursing assistants – 17%. The career of a nurse requires a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, though you can get an entry level job with an associate degree. The emphasis of nursing careers will be made on chronic diseases, sedentary life, and obesity. In order to start a career as an anesthesiologist, you need to graduate from a medical school and further complete a 4-year residency.

2. Management Information Systems

This specialty involves such careers as computer systems analyst, IT manager and database administrator to name a few. These jobs pay about $135,000 annually. According to research paper writing service, managers of information systems earn minimum $78,500 and the highest salary in this field is about $180,000. The growth in demand for this specialty will make 15% in the next six years. More specifically, the growth in demand for software developers will make 19%, information security analysts – 18%, computer systems analysts – 21% and computer user support specialists – 13%. These jobs have already made an impact on the job market: many businesses rely on information technologies more and more. Therefore, this tendency will remain in the uptrend by 2024. Hence, applying for microsoft summer internship sounds like a brilliant idea

3. Lawyers

The lawyer can be called a traditionally highest-paid profession. The average salary makes up more than $140,000 as of 2018. The growth in demand for this profession till the end of 2026 is predicted to be on the level of 8%. As in the case with marketing managers, all companies need a lawyer. Human resource managers pose competition to lawyers as they are competent in labor law. However, lawyers know expertise in not only labor legislation. Therefore, the demand for lawyers is increasing in the market.

4. Engineering

Engineering is another fastest-growing profession in the world. The expected growth in demand for these professions makes up 4% per annum. There is a wide range of engineering professions, including civil, electrical, and mechanical. Engineering professions pay from $48,000 to $130,000 yearly. The lowest paying jobs in engineering are in the field of telecommunications ($48,000-$65,000), audio and mechanical engineering ($50,000-$68,000). Among the highest-paid engineering jobs are petroleum engineers ($95,000-$130,000), computer software and hardware developers ($80,000-$110,000) and aerospace engineering ($79,000-$107,000). Google engineering practicum is one of the best opportunities to embark on this ship. Large companies start to look for potential employees when they graduate from high schools. So, don’t lose your time and apply for it as early as you can if you have this talent.

5. Marketing

Marketing also belongs to highly-paid specialties – average salary in this field is more than $130,000 per year with the expected growth rate for the next 5-6 years of 9%. The salaries of marketing managers significantly vary in different industries. A degree in marketing prepares students for a wide range of careers, including marketing managers in oil and gas extraction industry ($197,000), scientific research and development ($187,000), artists’ managers ($180,000), financials and investments ($181,000), semiconductor and electronic component manufacturing ($178,000). Each industry offers vacancies for marketing managers because they’re qualified in sales and promotions. A great marketing campaign can bring success to any company and increase sales. A career of marketing manager offers many opportunities for personal development: you can grow from an entry-level position to a manager in advertising and promotions.

Having a well-paid job may help you to solve many problems, but choosing your future profession is not just about picking a career which is in demand. You need to make a choice from several colleges or universities based on their accreditation because some diplomas are not accepted by top companies. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing an educational institution. In addition, having a degree in a college or a university is not free. So, you need to talk to your parents before you make a choice. A well-planned career will help you earn the good salary and become a qualified professional.

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