Africa Science Desk Call for Pitches for Science Stories from Journalists

Africa Science Desk Call for Pitches for Science Stories from Journalists

Deadline: October 10, 2018

Calling for Journalists to Submit Pitches for Science Stories. The African Academy of Sciences and its partners continue to accept pitches from African journalists every month. In the past year, they have funded close to 40 stories from journalists in Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa to produce TV documentaries, short web videos, explainers, short or long-form investigative reports and data stories aimed at local or global news markets.

In line with The African Academy of Sciences’s new strategy, journalists are now invited to submit pitches on the new strategic areas: health and wellbeing; environment and climate change; social sciences and humanities; natural sciences and policy and governance. They also encourage stories demonstrating the state of science in the four respective countries covered by this grant or those that raise the profile of early career and women scientists or focus on topical issues, such as antimicrobial resistance.

The Africa Science Desk is a collaborative effort between the African Academy of Sciences, the African Federation of Science Journalists and the South African Science Journalists Association. It is implemented with the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It will, over a course of two years, provide funding and mentor early career African science journalists.


  • The selected or the qualifying journalists will be paired with senior science journalists internationally as well as continentally who will provide the mentorship needed to improve the quality of science reporting.
  • Please note that the budget limit is $700 per story and is accountable. The AAS will therefore require receipts for every expense. Once your pitch has been accepted, the AAS will contact you to discuss how the funding will be distributed.
  • There is an additional $350 paid after the story has been published, which will not be accountable.


Pitches must be no longer than 1-page and be accompanied by the following documentation:

  • A pitch focusing on one or more of the fice strategic areas of The African Academy of Sciences: health and wellbeing, environment and climate change (climate change in relation to health and food security), social sciences and humanities, natural sciences and policy and governance
  • A list of target interviewees.
  • Examples of the journalist’s previous work, which must include at least three science stories (upon first-time submission).
  • A proposed budget, which must not exceed US$700 per story.
  • A letter of support from the Editor and proof of acceptance of a pitch where applicable for freelance journalists
  • Biographical information or CV (upon first-time submission).


Please submit all proposals to the AAS Ishango Grants System.

For more information, visit Africa Science Desk.