YouTube Learning Fund for Content Creators 2019

YouTube Learning Fund for Content Creators 2019

Deadline: November 30, 2018

Applications are open for the YouTube Learning Fund 2019. The Program is designed to support creators looking to build unique, multi-session content in the category that is most organic to applicant’s brand and voice.

YouTube Learning is an initiative to support all those who use YouTube to share their knowledge with the world and the millions of users who come to the platform to learn. Through this program, selected creators around the world will be supported in their creation of multi-session learning content. Multi-session content consists of multiple videos that are sequential in nature-building on top of one another. Where rights permit, the video output should be made available globally.


  • Amounts will vary based on the application details.


Eligible projects must

  • Come from applicants that manage at least one YouTube channel with a minimum of 25,000 subscribers;
  • Demonstrate a strategy to develop multi-session content – multiple videos that build on one another;
  • Clearly depict the intent to teach in a factual, informative, and trustworthy manner, indicating expertise and / or a scrupulous approach to accuracy, including but not limited to research, fact checking, and objectivity.


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For more information, visit YouTube Learning Fund.