A Step by Step Guide to Nailing Your Next Powerpoint Presentation

A Step by Step Guide to Nailing Your Next Powerpoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentation can help you convey your point in the right way. You need to however ensure that the PowerPoint presentation is to the point and concise. Only when that is the case, you will be able to make your point.

At the same point in time, if you do not have prior experience in creating a PowerPoint presentation, it is important to follow a step-by-step guide. We will today highlight different steps which you can follow in sequence in order to create the perfect PowerPoint presentation.

1. Use a working title:

You can decide the final title at a later stage. However, you need to always have a working title. This will help you keep things organized. After you decide the working title, you have to go down the main points which you need to mention in the PowerPoint presentation. This will allow you to create a holistic PowerPoint presentation.

2. Create a text outline:

After that, you have to start populating the slides. You have to create a text outline. With the help of this text outline, it will be very easy for you to create the full PowerPoint presentation at a later stage.

3. Create a narrative:

Once you have outline, you have to ensure that you are creating coherent content. The flow of the content should be smooth. You have to create a narrative around each and every slide and link it to the previous and next side. This will help you create a seamless PowerPoint presentation.

4. Use data to your advantage:

Instead of just making your point, you have to back it up with that of an example. This will ensure that you are able to present irrefutable text to your audience.

5. Get the color scheme right:

You have to ensure that not just the text and font color but also the background is right. It should be easier to read from a distance. Only then, the audience will be able to easily comprehend what you’re trying to explain.

6. Get the opening right:

If the audience loses the interest right at the start, you will not be able to create an effective PowerPoint presentation. You have to always capture the attention of the audience right at the start. One of the best ways to do so is to move away from text and embed a YouTube video in powerpoint right at the start.

7. Mention the content in brief:

You have to understand that the text should only be mentioned in brief. You have to expand the text and explain.

8. End on a high note:

You have to always ensure that you end on a high note. There are 4 options which you have when it comes to choosing the right end. These are:

  • Referring back to the start
  • Challenging the audience
  • Focusing on a saying or echoing your final point once again
  • Using a quotation to end the presentation

9. Choose the title correctly:

It is a good idea to brainstorm the title along with others. You have to also keep the aim of the presentation in mind while deciding the title. This will help you pick the right title.

10. Pick the correct font:

Instead of picking a font which is in italics or which is too graphical, it is a good idea to pick a font which can be read from a distance. This will allow you to make your PowerPoint presentation easy to comprehend.

11. Choose the right font settings:

You have to not only choose the right font size but also the right spacing between the line as well as the characters. This will allow you to create a presentation which can be viewed from a distance quite easily.

12. Use different forms of multimedia:

Instead of just using text, it is a good idea to use different forms of multimedia. You can use multimedia options like:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Infographics

The more multimedia you use, the easier it will be for you to make your PowerPoint presentation more interesting.

13. Get the title slide right:

You have to always ensure that the title slide is different than the normal templates available in Microsoft PowerPoint. You can easily download these templates online. This will allow you to capture the attention right at the start.

14. Brand the presentation:

You have to mention the company logo throughout the presentation. The branded presentation is more credible in nature. This is specifically true if you’re presenting it to prospective clients.

15. Do not forget to review the presentation:

Once the presentation is complete, you have to review the entire presentation. You have to double check things like:

  • Slide sequence
  • Background of all the slides
  • Slideshow settings
  • Multimedia included
  • Spelling and grammatical errors

16. Practice the presentation:

Last but not the least; you have to practice the presentation before giving it in front of the clients. You can practice at your home or at your office. This will help you gain the perspective of the presentation. It will also help you avoid any kind of mistakes when you deliver a presentation in front of your clients or your colleagues. This will help you build more confidence as well.

So, if you plan on creating a PowerPoint presentation, you can absolutely nail it with the help of the 16 step guide. Even though it might seem like a lot of things to do but when you follow this guide, you will be able to create the perfect PowerPoint presentation. This will help you make a good impression in front of your clients as well as colleagues.

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