National Geographic Society Grant Program 2019

National Geographic Society Grant Program 2019

Deadline: January 9, 2019

Applications are open for the National Geographic Society Grant Program 2019. The National Geographic Society currently offers three types of grant applications—Early Career, Exploration, and Requests for Proposals.

Early Career Grants are designed to offer less experienced individuals an opportunity to lead a project. Grant projects last one calendar year or less. An Exploration Grant application is a request for funding by an experienced project leader in the areas of conservation, education, research, storytelling, and technology. The applicant and his or her team members are expected to demonstrate successful completion of similar projects with measurable and/or tangible results. Grant projects last one calendar year or less.

All proposed projects should be bold, innovative, and potentially transformative and have a primary focus in conservation, education, research, storytelling, or technology. Projects should also align to one of National Geographic Society’s three focus areas.


  • Early-career Grants: Projects are typically funded for US $5,000 and cannot exceed US $10,000.
  • Exploration Grants: Projects are typically funded for between US $10,000 and US $30,000.


  • Applicants must be above the age of 18;
  • Do not have an active grant from NGS, nor have already been awarded a grant in this cycle;
  • Application will be written in English. (For Early Career Grants, you may speak in your primary language for your required 2 minute video submission, but if that is not English, you MUST add English subtitles or attach an English video transcript.)
  • Project has local collaborators (if occurring outside my home country or community)
  • The project’s start date is at least 6 months after the application submission deadline;
  • The project does not take place in, nor is applicant a citizen of, any restricted countries (mainland China or any comprehensive OFAC-sanctioned countries–North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, and the Crimea region controlled by Russia)


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For more information, visit National Geographic Society Grant.