How to Concentrate on Homework

 How to Concentrate on Homework

The current era of social media, quick data exchange, and video games that are so capturing that sometimes it is hard to distinguish them from reality, prevent students from concentration on their homework for a long period of time. It might be a real challenge to keep concentrating on a boring school assignment when someone on Instagram made a new post, you have got a new message in messenger, and an exciting game is waiting for you on your PC. Notifications come every hour on an average student’s smartphone. Undoubtedly, this new era of high technologies changed the way students approach their duties. Apparently, technological progress moves much quicker than other spheres of life manage to adapt to it. Therefore, making the current educational process effective enough in the current context is a real challenge for educators all over the world. Thus, students experience difficulties with concentration when they have to perform routine and monotonous home assignments.

Generally, the peculiarities of the current time influenced the way different categories of population concentrate on their duties and information beyond students’ homework. Personally, I have noticed that I experience difficulties with concentration even while doing what I like and what brings me pleasure. When I read a long article, or what is even more challenging, a novel, I cannot sit still and read for hours without a break even if I like it. I have to check every half an hour what is going on in Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter. I experience a certain level of anxiety if I do not visit social media for more than some hours. I feel a certain fear to miss something interesting that had been posted or an important message. However, I realize with a pure mind that if something emergent happens, those who need me will contact me by the call. Still, I need to be online or at least connected to the network 24/7. It sounds ridiculous, but if I do not get a message from anyone during the day, I feel a strong need to send a message to anyone myself. Obviously, it is because social relationships and the way human individuals communicate have changed. Currently, we do not call each other to talk anymore and do not invite a good friend for a cup of tea. Actually, there is no need for it because we can connect them at any moment in social media and ask about everything and share our worries as well. However, if we talk less with our friends, we still have a need for communication. Human individuals are social beings, and we appreciate various forms of communication. Thus, a social network is a substitution to a traditional form of communication which had influenced many traditional things as well.

With this evidence, the issue of how to concentrate on homework remains enormously important. First of all, if you know that a pretty job should be done with your homework, and there is no way you could fail doing it because the results would be harmful to your academic success, then you should collect a great deal of your will and approach the issue consciously. First of all, it would make sense to realize that the homework should be  done anyway, and there is no any benefit in procrastination because by postponing or distracting your job, you do not bring any good to you. In contrast, you make an unpleasant process longer and more painful to yourself. Therefore, the first step to concentration is conscious approach. As soon as you would start, it would be easier because the first step is often the most painful.

Undoubtedly, there is a high probability that social media would distract attention. It would be beneficial to disconnect from the internet or at least switch off notifications for the period you are doing your homework. It might not be easy because of our natural human curiosity. At first, you will find it enormously hard to reject reading the new message that had just appeared on your screen. You might realize that there is no anything truly important in that message, but because of some incomprehensible reasons you would open it and type a reply immediately. Therefore, consciousness and mind are helpful in these circumstances as well. Explain yourself and accept it as an undeniable truth that there is nothing important on social media, and that you would read the latest posts of your favorite bloggers and friends as soon as you complete your assignment. Respect your time and realize that you need your time for education and not just for purposeful surfing in social media. Take the process of doing homework with a special mood. This is an investment in your future, and you should use your will to make it work for you. The Internet is a serious temptation. Show it that you are stronger.

After you have contributed enormous efforts to collect your will and explain yourself that homework should be done immediately, it is time to speak about useful tools on how to concentrate on homework for a long time.

  • First of all, prepare the workplace. It is not comfortable to work in the same room where your brother is playing video game, or your sister is chatting with her boyfriend. It is also not comfortable to work in bed because it eliminates working atmosphere and might prolong the completion.
  • Prepare appropriate working conditions with a laptop, a table, and other necessary equipment. Undoubtedly, you should turn off all the distractions.
  • Finally, use a  Pomodoro technique and reward yourself each time you have been endurant and strong enough not to subject to temptation which distracts your attention. Pomodoro technique predisposes that you study what should be done carefully. Having done this, you fix the time for completion. If the assignment is long, you set breaks at a particular time. Such an organization would collect and direct your attention, as well as maintain concentration until the break. After you’ve done everything according to your deadlines, you deserve a reward. You might play the video game, or chat in messenger, or read the blog or anything you want. The reward is what you deserve and do not hesitate to use it. It will significantly influence your motivation.

In conclusion, it makes sense to claim that although the current social life makes it hard to concentrate on a certain job for a long time without distractions, it is still possible if approaching the issue consciously. Only organized people are the most successful. In a rapidly changing world, time management is a key skill for successful personal and professional life. Therefore, a reasonable approach to duties helps students perform well academically and eliminate the majority of stresses connected to a boring process of doing homework. If the homework should be done anyway, students would receive many benefits if they use appropriate techniques and contribute efforts to maintaining concentration.

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